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WCF Game 6 San Antonio Spurs @ OKC Thunder 6-6-12

1st Quarter

Spurs controlled the tip, Manu immediately nailed a three, followed by a Duncan jump shot.  Spurs started 2-2 FG in less than a minute.

9:49 - Westbrook coast to coast, around Parker and Duncan for the Huge slam!

7:35 - Tony Parker have scored 4 straight baskets (4-4 FG), Parker, Duncan & Ginobili have scored the first 15 Spurs points and they lead by 7.

After the Thunder timeout, Westbrook had a steal and made a layup, Durant hit a jumper and cut the Spurs lead to 3. A runner by Kawhi Leonard and another Tim Duncan jumper quickly pushed the lead back to 7 again.   Spurs lead 19-12

4:30 - Tony Parker made a three a few seconds ago, he has 11 pts and 5 assists. Spurs lead is 

4:13 -  Parker again! hits a tear drop over around Harden.

TONY. PARKER had another basket and got fouled by Collison, he is taking over this game, he has 17 points (7-9 FG) and OKC has 16 total points.   Parker averaged 16 Points per game during the last three OKC wins, he has 17 points in the first 10 minutes.

Back two back three's for San Antonio and they now lead 34-16( three's were made by Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson.)  Parker's penetration's have allowed the Spurs shooters to be wide open, since OKC is clearly focusing on him.   Fisher's runner gave OKC 20 points for the quarter, but they are still down by double digits.

End of 1st:  Spurs 34, OKC 20. 

Spurs only had 1 turnover in the first 12 minutes.

2nd Quarter

Oklahoma City started the quarter with a James Harden turnover, a foul and a missed shot by Kevin Durant and after 3 minutes the quarter has been a three point shootout, Gary Neal, James Harden and Stephen Jackson made consecutive three pointers.

Gary Neal has bounced back with 6 points already and he finally made a long distance shot, he had been struggling really bad during the last couple of games. San Antonio also is playing a lineup that doesn't include either Tiago Splitter, Dejuan Blair or Matt Bonner.  Diaw is the only big Pop is using right now.

9:00 - San Antonio called a timeout after Kevin Durant made a three and cut the lead to 15.

Parker and Duncan came back to the game at the 8:00 minute mark, Pop isn't  taking any risks tonight, Tony Parker scored a basket, dished the ball to Manu for a three and Spurs are up 16. Parker didn't waste any time since he came in.

5:28 -  Durant had an easy basket and Ginobili stripped the ball cleanly out of his hands but wasn't able to save it.  Great hustle play by Manu.

Stephen Jackson is unconscious right now, he's  4-4 from three point range.  He has been the best Spur player off the bench by far.   12 Points for Captain Jack and he's guarding Durant as well.

Kevin Durant nailed an impossible three with Stephen Jackson all over him with less than 2 seconds to go in the quarter to cut the Spurs lead down to fifteen.

End of 2nd:  Spurs 63, Thunder 48

3rd Quarter 

8:22 -  Two Durant free throws cut the Spurs lead to 8, they started the quarter 9-2.

7:47  -  Greg Popovich calls a timeout, lead is just 6.

Just before the timeout, there was a sequence in which Tiago Splitter  failed to double Durant and Greg Popovich immediately substitutes him for Dejuan Blair. Maybe Splitter played 10 seconds there? that seems like too much.

7:26 -  Duncan throws it down over Ibaka!

Thunder came out firing, but Spurs have responded and after the first six minutes, the Spurs have a nine point lead. Pop took Blair for Stephen Jackson.

4:52 - Westbrook finds Durant off the pick & roll  for the dunk and OKC is down only 5.

4:20 - Stephen Jackson made his fifth three pointer of the night and also got called for a T for taunting the Thunder bench.

OKC scoring has been incredible in this third period, they have scored 26 points in exactly 9 minutes. Westbrook has been hitting jumpers and getting to the rim at will,  Thabo Sefolosha made a three and Durant made some jumpers as well.  OKC now trails 77-74

1:40 -  Durant! hits a three from way downtown and gives OKC their first lead since early in the first.  KD has 13 points in the quarter.

End of 3rd:  Spurs 81, Thunder 80.

Spurs lost that 18 point lead in a hurry, the Thunder got really hot from the outside, they hit shots from all over the place and their defense was also outstanding. It helped that Spurs went with just one big (Duncan) that allowed OKC to get to the rim at will.  Tony Parker scored just one field goal after scoring 21 points in the first half.

Thunder benefit from some missed calls, Russell Westbrook smacked Kawhi Leonard in the head and wasn't called and Stephen Jackson was called for a technical foul for taunting.

4th Quarter 

Manu Ginobili starts the 4th quarter by making a shot, but Ibaka responded quickly for OKC. Spurs are playing without Duncan or Parker.

9:31 - Harden  gives OKC a one point lead.

The Thunder have gotten EVERY.SINGLE.CALL. in the 4th quarter and it's making it tough for San Antonio to play, OKC are currently on a 8-0 run and lead by three.  6:50 mins left

Thunder are drawing so many offensive fouls, a lot has been due to all the flopping they've done. You know it's something serious when my twitter feed is blowing up and everyone is saying the refs are being one sided.

Derek Fisher and James Harden hit big three's as the Spurs were trying to climb back after two straight baskets by Duncan and one from Tony Parker.

Parker scored two layups but if wasn't enough to cut OKC's lead, Kendrick Perkins blocked Tim Duncan's shot and dunked the ball  (Assisted by KD) at the other end.  OKC is up 107- 99 with 14 seconds to go.  Durant has 34 points and 13 rebounds.

End of 4th:  Thunder 107, Spurs 99.   Oklahoma City defeated the Spurs and are going to the NBA finals!

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