Monday, June 11, 2012

Need some new basketball sneakers?

With the NBA season coming to a close, many are gearing up for basketball this upcoming Summer. Whether you play in a league, school, or just casually, you probably need a new pair of sneakers. Here are a few websites to get the best deals online and also which sneakers fit your needs. Just like how runners need specific sneakers for their feet due to pronation, stability, different kinds of cushion and other preferences, basketball players need to find the right shoe as well.

If you're a fast guard who likes to play on their toes, runs around the screens/picks and cuts to the basket, you are definitely going to need a fast shoe. Something like the adidas adiZero Rose 2.0/2.5 or the recently released Crazy Light 2. Both shoes offer exceptional support to keep your foot locked in place and also keeps your feet from sliding around with superb traction. Other shoes like the Nike Hyperfuse, Hyper Enforcer, Hyperdunk 2011, Kobe VI/VII, and the Jordan Fly Wade 2 are also great options.

Forwards/Centers who play in the post and need maximum cushion for hard landings, you might need to have more protection for your foot. Shoes like the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011, LeBron 9 P.S. Elite, or even the KD IV. All these shoes offer the right cushion for your foot as it takes a beating down low in the post. I also recommend buying the Jordan Melo 8, Crazy Light 2, Nike Hyper Enforcer, and definitely the Air Jordan 2012.

Visit these websites as they have great deals that include coupon codes as well. Free shipping is a popular deal if you spend $50+ more on your order. Occasionally they give out a 10-20% OFF coupon code so definitely be aware of that.

That's pretty much a general list for basketball sneakers. There are definitely more out there and there's lot and lot's of other things I would love to write about. If you want to learn more about sneakers and it's performance aspects, feel free to subscribe my YouTube at - check out as many videos as you want! I haven't posted any videos as of late, but I am currently working on a recent release that I have mentioned in this post. So definitely subscribe and stay tuned!

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But anyways, time to cut this short. Thanks for reading and make sure to check out my video about the latest Nike Zoom Kobe VII Performance Review!

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