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WCF Game 3 Spurs @ Thunder 6-01-12 Instant recap

1st Quarter

12:00 - OKC controlled the tip. Thabo Sefolosha started the game missing a three.

Kendrick Perkins has taken 3 out of the first 4 shots for OKC, hitting two.  Highly unusual to see him taking jumpers.  For the Spurs, Kawhi Leonard & Boris Diaw have scored a basket each along with Duncan.

Kawhi Leonard made a three and already looks more confident than in game 3.

6:47  -  Thunder are 2-8, Spurs are 6-9.  Everyone's getting into the action for San Antonio, Thunder are depending on Kendrick Perkins to score, while Durant and Westborook are a combined 0-3.  Spurs lead  13-5.  Danny Green already looks very much prepared and focus than in the previous game.

Both teams are firing on all cylinders, Westbrook made a very tough three with the shot clock winding down, Boris Diaw passed the ball to Danny Green for a layup & Duncan banked a shot over Perkins.

3:32  Westbrook found Perkins on the break for a slam, Spurs lead is down to three.    Spurs have taken 1 free throw, while OKC has taken 6. 

2:00 - Thunder are currently on a 8-0 run, Kendrick Perkins still scoring more than he's ever been (In this series)  Spurs can't get anything to go down.

.55 - In a wild sequence,  Manu Ginobili made a three and got fouled by Russell Westbrook.    He completed the rare four point play.

Spurs and OKC finish the quarter all tied at 26 

 -  Kendrick Perkins has 9 points and 6 rebounds 
 - Nick Collison has scored 4 points, 2-2 FG.  He's been ready to catch the ball and dunking. 
 - OKC has stopped the Ginobili - Splitter pick & roll completely 

2nd Quarter

11:40 - Ginobili started the quarter with a runner.

Tiago Splitter in just 2 minutes has played awful, he missed two free throws, didn't guard Ibaka when he attempted a jump shot & failed to catch the ball on the next possession.

8:40 - Sefolosha hammers it down and OKC has a 5 point lead.  OKC's role players are playing phenomenal, they have the lead despite Durant being 0-2 (4-4 FT's)  and Russell only has a three pointer.  Thunder have gotten 27 points between Perkins, Sefolosha, Ibaka and Collison.

With 5:39 remaining, the Thunder have taken a seven point lead by playing outstanding defense, not letting the Spurs get anything easy, everything it's been a struggle for them  The Thunder offense has been simple basketball, their best players are just getting into the paint with no problem, drawing Spurs defenders and then letting their big guys get easy layups and dunks.

3:23 -  Serge Ibaka hits another jump shot, he's 6-6 from the field.  Between him and Perkins, OKC has gotten 23 points.   Harden, Durant and Westbrook only have 12 points between them.

Halftime:  Thunder 55, Spurs 43.  OKC outscored San Antonio 29-17 in the period.

3rd Quarter

Spurs hace but the lead to 8, Boris Diaw has come out strong from the locker room, driving past a thunder defender to the hoop and also draining a three.

6:13 - Scott Brooks called a timeout, the Thunder have a 10 point lead mostly because San Antonio cant' get to the lane and everything has been so hard for them just to have a basket.  Ibaka's been leading the way for OKC with 18 points.

2:05 - Stephen Jackson's triple brings the OKC lead to 7.. The game has been controlled by OKC from beginning to end,  the Spurs are lucky to being down single digits.

The Spurs have played different since Dejuan Blair entered the game, he's been the spark the Spurs needed.  He only scored a field goal, drew a charge and grabbed a rebound, but it's been more than that.

Spurs on a 18-5 run the last 4:25 minutes.

Spurs have comeback from a 15 point deficit and trail OKC, 75-71 at the end of three.

4th Quarter

OKC started the quarter with who else, Serge Ibaka, making a shot. he's 10-10 FG, 24 points.

6:53 - Timmy Duncan made a decisive move to the basket and hit a shot over Perkins, Spurs is only down by 4.

The Spurs have cut the lead to 4 multiple times, but every time they do Kevin Durant answered back, he's now hit three field goals in the quarter.

2:48 -  Durant has scored the last 13 Thunder points, giving them a 99-90 lead.

Final Score:  Thunder 110 - Spurs 103    Series is tied 2-2. game 5 is on Monday.

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