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ECF Game 4 Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics 6-3-12 Instant Recap

1st Quarter

12:00  Boston controlled the tip & Paul Pierce made the first basket of the game. 

Boston started the game with a 6-0 run, Rajon Rondo had four of those points, but Mario Chalmer ended that with a floater.

7:05 - The Celtics scored two straight three pointers (Pierce & Allen)  and now lead 14-4.  Mario Chalmers has all of Miami's point, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are a combined 0-4 from the field.

5:53 -  Boston has scored 10 straight points, KG has scored the last 4.  Rondo found Garnett by penetrating & allowing all the Heat defense to collapse on him and then pass it to KG at the last second. Really great play, Rondo's vision is outstanding.  Paul Pierce has two triples (both came from offensive rebounds)

4:46 -  Celtics 21, Heat 9.  4 point for Chalmers, 2 for Lebron (he missed but boston players tipped it in), 3 for Battier. That's all the Heat have scored at this point. Nothing from Dwyane Wade (He's been attacking, but C's defense has been amazing)

4:29 - James stole the ball from Pierce and had a strong slam.

Lebron James and the Heat started scoring since KG went out, they scored on 9 straight possessions. But the Celtics didn't stopped scoring, Brandon Bass scored 7 points to keep Boston up. .

End of 1st:  Celtics 34, Heat 23. 

 Rajon Rondo  8 points & 4 assists & Paul Pierce 12 pts 
Lebron James 12 pts 

2nd Quarter

Heat started the quarter by hitting a three, but Celtics responded by scoring 8 straight points and Spoelstra immediately called a timeout.  The Celtics lead is 16.   (Rondo found both Allen and Dooling for triples during the run)

5:52  - Lebron James (8-12 FG)  has half of the Heat points, 16 out of 32. For a team that is known as a defensive one, the Heat haven't show it during this game, Boston has 50 points with more than 5 minutes to play in the 2nd.  The Celtics have gotten unexpected scoring by Keyon Dooling, he has 2 triples & Ray Allen has found his shot, he has 8 points.

Rajon Rondo has been incredible, he's been delivering passes at the exact moment his teammates need it, his passing has been precise, he has 9 assists, 8 points and Boston has a 17 point lead.

2:38 -  Paul Pierce got Dwyane Wade into the air, he draw the foul and made a two pointer.

Celtics had a 18 point lead after Ray Allen made his third triple of the night. but a Dwyane Wade free throw &  Lebron James drive cut the lead to 14.

End of 2nd:  Celtics 61, Heat 47. 

Rondo, when asked how they are attacking Heat defense: "They're complaining and crying to referees in transition."

Halftime Stats

James  19 points 
Wade 8 points
Chalmers  6 points

Kevin Garnett  9 pts & 8 boards
Paul Pierce 18 pts 
Rajon Rondo 8 pts  & 10 assists 
Ray Allen  11 pts 

3rd Quarter

11:15 -  2nd foul on Lebron. 

Similar to the first half, Mario Chalmers, was the first Heat player to score. However, the Celtics have outscored 4 points and have increased the halftime lead to 16.  Dwyane Wade simply can't score, it might be due to the Celtics defense, but he can't get anything to fall.  He's 2-12 from the field for 8 points.

After a hot shooting first half, the Celtics have only scored 4 points in the first 6 and a half minutes of the third. The Heat are getting into the paint and drawing fouls. They are currently on a 7-0 run.

4:45 -  Lebron James had another huge throw down!   Bad Celtics defense (and KG was on the bench)

Even though Boston remains on top, this game has turned into the Heat's favor. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce got called for their 4th foul and they both had to sit.  Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade has scored two field goals in the quarter (same amount he had in the entire first half)  and it's starting to look much better. An eighteen point Celtics lead has been cut to eight.

2:33 - Huge sequence, Keyon Dooling made his third three and Lebron James got called for an offensive foul (His 3rd)

After two straight baskets by Dwyane Wade, Celtics lead 73-68 after three.  Boston only scored 12 points in the quarter and lost it by 9.

4th Quarter

9:48 - Dwyane Wade picks up his fourth foul.

8:54 - The Heat have comeback from a thirteen point Celtic lead and now it's all tied 74.

After Garnett's tip in, the Celtics lead 81-78 with 6:24 remaining.

5:47 - Pierce draws an offensive foul on Lebron (His 4th)

5:32 - A double foul its called on KG and Lebron. Total game changer, Lebron has now 5 fouls.

3:07 - Rajon Rondo scores a basket and gives the Celtics a two point lead. Paul Pierce and Lebron James are playing with 5 fouls.

1:01  - Mario Chalmers beats Ray Allen off the drible, no one comes to help and his layup puts the Heat down 1 (87-86) with 

After Boston was up by three, Lebron James nailed a three pointer that tie the game, then draw an offensive foul on KG and passed the ball  (he was double teamed)  when he had a chance to win it for the Heat.

End of 4th -  89-89


4:22 -  Pierce runs over Battier and fouls out of the game.

2:34 - Rondo flips it up and again, gives Celtics a one point lead.   Celtics 92, Heat 91.

1:51 -  Pietrus drawns an offensve foul on Lebron and he fouls out from the game.  Crazy game.  (This is the first time James has ever fouled out of a game in a Miami Heat uniform. )

Mickael Pietrus grabbed two offensive rebounds in a row, giving Boston a very long possession but they weren't able to convert anything.  Celtics played outstanding defense on Dwyane Wade and he passed the ball to a wide open Shane Battier, but he failed to hit the three for Miami.

With 21.4 seconds remaining in overtime, Rajon Rondo got fouled and he missed 1 out 2 free throws, the Celtics now lead 93-91 and Miami has the last shot of overtime.

Dwyane Wade missed a three at the buzzer and the Celtics survive and hang on to tie the series at 2-2.  Game 5 is on Tuesday.  Boston scored 4 points in ot, Heat just 2.    Final Score:  Celtics 93, Heat 91. 

Final Stats:

James 29 pts 
Wade  20 points,  7-22 FG 
Haslem 12 points & 17 boards 

Kevin Garnett   17 & 14 boards 
Paul Pierce  23 Pts
Rajon Rondo  15 pts 
Ray Allen  16 pts 

Credit:  Getty Images 

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