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2012 NBA Finals Game 4 OKC @ Heat instant Recap

1st Quarter

8:15 - The Thunder have started the game with a 13-3 lead behind Russell Westbrook 3-3 shooting from the field. Kevin Durant made a jump shot, Perkins hit a layup and Thabo made a three.  Bosh has been aggressive from the field,but  hitting 1 out of 3.   

2:59 - Thunder have the biggest lead of the series, 25-12.  Russell Westbrook has 10 points, Durant has 6. The Heat can't seem to get anything going.

End of 1st : Thunder 33, Heat 19

Nick Collison has been incredible off the bench, he has 6 points (3-3 FG) and 2 rebounds in 5 minutes. Lebron James is 2-7 FG, Chris Bosh has 6 points and 5 boards.  OKC went 15-24 from the field. 

2nd Quarter

10:20 -  Miami started the quarter on a 7-0 run sparked by Norris Cole & Lebron James.  Cole made a three to end the first quarter and another in the second. Those were his first three pointers of the entire playoffs.

8:30 - Mario Chalmers had a basket and a foul, Thunder lead is down to 1.

7:03 -  Wade had tied the game with a three pointer, but Kevin Durant made a basket, Ibaka blocked Wade around the rim and James Harden made a three and just like that OKC lead is now 5.  Wade appears to be hurting, he had a bad fall after Serge blocked him.  Thunder lead 40-35

2:27 - Russell Westbrook is keeping OKC in this game (Made last two OKC shots), he's 8-15 from the field and has 16 points. Thunder is up 45-42

End of 2nd   Thunder 49, Heat 46

Halftime Stats
OKC Thunder
Russell Westbrook 9-15 FG, 18 points, 4 rebounds & 3 assists
Kevin Durant  4-10 FG, 10 points
James Harden 2-6 FG, 6 points & 7 boards

Miami Heat
Lebron James 5-10 FG, 10 points, 6 rebounds & 8 asists
Dwyane Wade 4-9 FG, 10 points
Chris Bosh 4-8 FG, 8 points & 7 rebounds
Norris Cole 2-3 from 3, 8 points. 

3rd Quarter

7:07 - Mario Chalmers three gives Miami a 4 point lead,  there has been 9 lead changes in the period so far.  OKC is scoring but it's taking so much effort just to score the basket, while Miami is doing it with passing and getting everyone involved.  The Thunder are also not getting back on defense and giving the Heat wide open looks.   Heat lead 64-60 

End of 3rd  Heat 79, OKC 75  Westbrook had 8 points in the quarter, Lebron had 10.  The Heat are getting the benefit of the call  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Shane Battier has flopped on offense and defense, Westbrook got fouled on a made jumper and nothing was called, Durant got called on a foul that got changed to Westbrook (and Westbrook didn't even touched the Heat player) OKC is lucky to be down just 4.

4th Quarter

8:56 -  James Harden missed a open layup that could have given OKC the lead, he missed it and Mario Chalmers knocked down and open three and Miami has a 6 point lead.

6:47 - Kevin Durant scored the first basket for the Thunder in the 4th and after that it's been all Russell Westbrook,  he  is answering every heat run. Westbrook already has 11 points .  He has 38 points (18-28 FG)   Mario Chalmers has scored 7 points for the Heat and Dwyane Wade made his 2nd three pointer of the night.     90-88 Heat

5:18 -  Oklahoma had finally tied the game after two free throws by Westbrook, they defended the Heat well in the next posession, but failed to get a basket after Fish took the ball to the paint and got it blocked, instead of passing it to an open OKC player.  Lebron made a basket and gave Miami a 92-90 lead. 

Lebron James fell down, he got up to make the last basket but can't play.

2:18 - Lebron James returned to the ball game after one minute of being down and immediately hit a three pointer, Dwyane Wade made a basket and Heat are up 99-94.

55 Secs -  OKC had a chance to tie the game, but Sefolosha's three was blocked by Wade. Heat are up 99-96.

44 Secs - With Lebron James out of the game, Mario Chalmers drove to the basket  and finished the layup over Ibaka,  Miami is up 5. Mario Chalmers has 22 huge points.

13 seconds -  After a jump ball,  the Heat had 5 seconds on the shot clock with 13 secs remaining and Russell Westbrook committed a foul thinking the clocked had reset. Mario Chalmers then made 1 out of 2 free throws and iced the game for Miami.  Russell Westbrook scored 43 points, but his awful decision making at the end cost the game for OKC.

End of 4th quarter  Heat 104 - Thunder 98         Heat lead series 3-1

Final Stats:
Miami Heat
Lebron James 10-20 FG, 26 points, 9 rebounds & 12 asists
Dwyane Wade 8-19 FG, 25 points
Chris Bosh 6-12 FG, 13 points & 9 rebounds
Mario Chalmers 9-15 FG, 25 points

OKC Thunder
Russell Westbrook 20-32 FG, 43 points, 7 rebounds & 5 assists
Kevin Durant  9-19 FG, 28 points
James Harden 2-10 FG, 8 points & 10 boards 

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