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2012 Centrobasket Gold medal game. Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic

1st Quarter

4:00 -  After the first 6 minutes of the game, Puerto Rico has a 13-12 lead over Dominican Republic, David Huertas has 7 points, JJ Barea has 6 and they are the only two players that have scored for PR.  Juan Coronado scored the first 5 for Dominican Republic, Al Horford and Jack Michael Martinez have a basket each.

2:03 - Puerto Rico leads 16-13, Jose Juan Barea is penetrating at will and finding guys for open layups.  Francisco Garcia hasn't found his shot yet, he's 0-3.

1:23 - Edwin Ubiles had a monster slam. My goodness, giving PR a 6 point lead.

End of 1st -  Puerto Rico 21, Domimican Republic 14.

Leading Scorers:
JJ Barea 8 points, David Huertas 7  (PR)
Eulis Baez, Jose Coronado  5 (DR)

Field Goal shooting

10-17 FG (PR)
5-14  FG (DR)

2nd Quarter

6:49 - Mike Rosario begins the quarter by making a floater , Ricky Sanchez had a tip in and the lead is now 11 for Puerto Rico, However, Francisco Garcia heated up for 3 straight three pointers and the lead is down to 4.  27-23

The Dominican Republic went on a 17-5 run before JJ Barea's three pointer, made it 17-8.  Francisco Garcia woke up in a big way, scoring three triples in the quarter & Jack Michael Martinez (11 and 4 boards)  couldn't be stopped in the low block.  The Dominicans outscored the Puertoricans by 12 in the period

End of 2nd  - Dominican Republic 40, Puerto Rico 35.

 Halftime stats:

Puerto Rico
Jose Juan Barea 13 pts

Dominican Republic
Jack Michael Martinez   13 points
Francisco Garcia  9 points

3rd Quarter

9:16 -  A quick 5-0 for PR run tied the game & coach Calipari quickly called a timeout.

4:49 - Puerto Rico is holding a one point lead, 50-49.  Both teams have been erratic from the field, however, Jack Michael Martinez continues dominating the inside.

2:11 -  DR leds by 3, 55-52.   It's been a Jack Michael Martinez - Jose Juan Barea duel in the quarter so far.

End of 3rd - Dominican Republic 58, Puerto Rico 54

Jack Michael Martinez and Jose Juan Barea scored 6 points each in the quarter.

4th Quarter

8:03 -  Back two back baskets by Daniel Santiago is keeping PR in  the game, but Dominican Republic isn't missing many shots from the field and they are up 63-58.

5:00 - Dominican Republic leads 66-65

3:11 -  With Puerto Rico down two, JJ Barea found a trailing Ricky Sanchez on the break, but he was rejected emphatically by Al Horford.

2:44 - Juan Coronado hit a three and puts Dominican Republic up by 7 points.

53 Secs - PR is down 7, they tried making a comeback, but their dumb fouls at the end of the shot clock prevented that. Dominican Republic made all their free throws down the stretch and that was a big difference.

End of 4th Quarter - Dominican Republic 80, Puerto Rico 72.    Dominican Republic wins the 2012 Centrobasket.

Dominican Republic got some questionable call in the last quarter of the game, however, their execution and aggressiveness was way better than Puerto Rico and they deserved to get the win.

Final Stats

Dominican Republic
Jack Michael Martinez  23 points, 11 boards
Juan Coronado 17 points

Puerto Rico
Jose Juan Barea 18 points
Daniel Santiago 16 points
Ricky Sanchez 15 points

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