Sunday, June 17, 2012

Talking Thunder with Lisa Kay.

Lisa Kay is a big Thunder fan.  This isn't the first time she's collaborated on the site, she posted a season review and playoff preview of the Thunder, read it here. 

Thoughts after losing your first home game of the entire playoffs?

I’m excited that the team I love is playing in the NBA finals; that it’s mid-June and my season is still going!  It was heartbreaking to watch them lose game 2 but these boys just knocked out the team with the best record in the league, a team that is arguably superior to the Heat.  It’s hard to worry too much after watching OKC win 4 straight against the Spurs in the WCF.  It is just time for them take their talents to South Beach.

Why is OKC getting off to such slow starts lately? I feel game two was theirs if they have played like they did after the first 12 minutes.

Technically they would have won game 2 if they won or tied the first quarter but OKC’s defense suffered all game.  Not sure if Durant ever recovered on the defensive end from those 2 early fouls.  The Heat are a very different team from the Thunder’s last opponent. That loss may be exactly what OKC needed to make the proper adjustments at the start of the game.  

James Harden played really well in game, however, he only had 11 shot attempts. Do you feel coach Brooks needs to do something differently to get him more touches? 

No.  His average was 10.1 in the regular season and 10.8 in the post season so that’s not weird at all.  Those numbers are even a little deceiving because so much of his offense comes from getting to the line.  He was also ice cold in game 1 and has played poorly against the Heat this season in general.  The Heat are great at defending the high pick-and-roll that makes him so effective.  He had to prove himself against this team for Brooks to run more of the offense through him.  

Series is tied 1-1, now the Heat are going to play the next 3 games at home, is there  reason to panic? You got to believe Miami's role players are going to play better in front of their home crowd. 

Do the role players on the Heat play better statistically in front of their home crowd?  I honestly don’t watch them enough to know.  Are we just talking about Miller and Jones coming out and sinking some threes? Do the Heat’s big 3 yell at Chalmers more or less at home?  The Heat are not particularly deep and Spoelstra has been running a super short rotation.  Only so many guys can step up.  The crowd itself won’t effect the Thunder to any great extent.  I’m sure we will see a ton of Kevin Durant jerseys in Miami.

What does OKC needs to do to win game 3 and hopefully the series?

Overall, play harder and with more energy and focus.  They can’t play with less than they did in game 2.  That was not typical Thunder basketball.

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