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ECF Game 7 Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat 6-09-12 Instant recap

1st Quarter

Ball was controlled by Boston, Paul Pierce attempted their first two shots and made none, Kevin Garnett fouled Lebron at the 11:06 mark to stop a fast break.   Rondo threw the ball at D-Wade's back and scored a layup, Boston first points.

5:52 Timeout -  Shane Battier and Ray Allen have each made two three pointers already, Celtics have started 6 out of 10 from the field and a 15-12 lead.  Both teams are scoring at will, however, Lebron James is shooting 0-2 FG & Dwyane Wade is 1-3 FG.

4:10 - Ray Allen stole the ball from Wade (His 2nd of the game), Paul Pierce dunked the ball and Boston leads  23-14. 

2:44  Timeout - Ray Allen draws the foul (He'd be shooting after the timeout) Celtics were leading by nine, but a Wade basket and a foul cut the lead to 6.  Celtics lead 23-17 

A quick 6-0 Heat run has the Boston lead cut to 3. All of this started when Kevin Garnett went to the bench.

28 Secs - Rajon Rondo thought he had a wide open layup, he was wrong. Lebron James came out of nowhere and had a huge block.

End of 1st:  Celtics 27, Heat 23

Ray Allen - 8 points
Garnett -  6 points

Lebron James - 8 points
Dwyane Wade - 5 points

2nd Quarter

8:47 - Chris Bosh have started the quarter on fire, he's made three baskets (including a three) but Paul Pierce (11 points) isn't letting up, he's made two threes himself and Boston still leads by 5.

- Heat have 7 turnovers so far.

7:08 - KG found Rondo for the layup, but was called for an illegal screen instead. KG has three fouls

5:25 Miami timeout -  Two straight baskets by Brandon Bass and a Ray Allen jump shot (All assisted by Rajon, who has 8 assists)  has Boston up 6 right before Miami had tied the game.  41-35 C's 

3:12 -  Brandon Bass Huge dunk over Dwyane Wade has Boston up 11.   (Bass has been spectacular during this stretch, he  had 8 of those, Rondo 2) Heat have 10 turnovers, most of those have been because of lazy passes, Heat aren't playing without any type of urgency at all.   Rondo has 9 assists.

When Garnett when to the bench the game was tied at 35, Boston has gone on a 14-3 run without him.
James and Wade have 4 FG and 4 turnovers combined.

36 Secs -  An Alley oop to Lebron James from Wade  has the C's lead down to 5.  

End of 2nd: Celtics 43, Heat 36 

Halftime Stats

James 14 points  
Wade 9 points

Brandon Bass 14 points  & 3 steals 
Paul Pierce  13 points 
Rajon Rondo  6 Points &10 assists
Ray Allen   12 pts 

3rd Quarter

10:19 -  Rondo found Pierce cutting to the basket, Pierce made it and got fouled.

Behind red hot shooting from Shane Battier (2-2 from three), some free throws by Lebron James and a jumper by D-Wade, the Heat have comeback from a 7 point deficit in the first half to tie the game at 59.  Miami have outscored the Celtics 13-6 in the period.

3:50 Timeout - Both teams have traded buckets, Mario Chalmers had a nice drive to the basket, Kevin Garnett had an offensive rebound and score off a Rondo miss.  Heat took the lead several times, but Celtics have it right now. 66-65 

Rajon Rondo has scored 10 points in the period and his triple gave the Celtics the lead briefly, however, Chris Bosh made a jumper and tied the game.


End of 3rd Celtics 73, Heat 73 

4th Quarter

Lebron James drives to the basket, gets foul and makes the shot.  Lebron has taken 15 free throws and Miami is winning by two.

8:20 Timeout Heat - Ray Allen made a three a few seconds ago and Boston is up 83-82. 

7:53 - Lebron coast to coast for  HUGE slam! Miami is up 1.

Chris Bosh hits yet another three (his third of the game), Shane Battier blocked Pierce and the ball went out of bounds off pierce, Lebron made a jumper and now Miami is leading by 6.

6:50 - Heat 88, Celtics 82.

4:14 -  Wow. Lebron Jams made a three from way downtown,  Rondo stole the ball from the Heat in their next possession to cut lead down to 5.

Bosh keep making jumpers, playing defense (stole an entry pass that was intended to KG) his impact has been absolutely huge in this game, doing it at both ends.

3:23 -  Heat have a 9 point lead.  Their big three are delivering when it matters most.

2:53 -   Wade hit an impossible and one and lead is now 12.  Wade/Bosh/James have the last 29 Heat points.

28 Secs - Doc Rivers waves the white flag, puts his starters on the bench.  Heat lead is now 13

Final Score: Heat 101, Celtics 88.   The Heat are going to face OKC in the finals!


Final Stats:

Lebron James 31 points
Dwyane Wade  23  points 
Chris Bosh 19  points

Kevin Garnett   14 points
Brandon Bass 16  points
Paul Pierce  19 points
Rajon Rondo 22 Points, 14 assists & 10 rebounds
Ray Allen 15 points

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