Monday, June 11, 2012

Quotes from Heat/Thunder practice. 6/11/12

  •  Scott Brooks said his team didn't do much at practice today, he said they saw a lot of film, worked on some defensive things they need to do against the Heat, but his team did throw up some shots and worked on their free throws. 
  • When comparing last season's trip to the finals and this one, Erik Spoelstra said his team has built up more character and toughness, he also mentioned they are more battle tested this season, even the Knicks tested them. 
  • Russell Westbrook was asked about why his numbers against Miami have been lower than against the rest of the NBA, he credited the heat's excellent pick & roll defense and the job Miami does on rotating quicker than most teams.
  • Dwyane Wade said Oklahoma City was a very good basketball team. however, Russell Westbrook is what elevates them to another level, he said there's no one like him in the NBA. 
  • He can score at will, he's strong and he can shoot it. Those were Kevin Durant's words to describe Lebron James.  Kevin also said this series wasn't a Lebron vs Durant match up, just Thunder vs Heat.
  • Lebron James said he's more at peace coming into the finals this season, he said he will lay it all out on the floor and he will have no regrets regarding the outcome of the series. 
For complete coverage of today's practice, check out ASAP Sports
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