Friday, June 22, 2012

The Miami Heat are the NBA 2011- 2012 champions.

Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder wanted to live another day, Lebron James and the Miami Heat had a different plan.  Lebron James delivered another triple double with 26 points (9-19 FG), 11 rebounds and 13 assists, but most important, he got the ring and the right to be called an NBA champion. Miami wanted this win and showed OKC how prepared they were.   However,  James didn't do it all by himself,  he got a lot of help from Miami's other two superstars and even some unexpected help.

Mike Miller gave Miami his all tonight, the 32 yr old, made 7 out of 8 three pointers and finished the game with 23 points and 5 rebounds,  Dwyane Wade scored 20 points and 8 boards, Chris Bosh contributed with 24 points and 7 rebounds & Shane Battier made three 3 pointers for 11 points.

Kevin Durant had 32 points and Russell Westbrook 19, they played almost the entire game for Oklahoma, but they couldn't keep the game as close as the rest of the games were.  They were down by 5 after the first 12 minutes, but hot shooting from Mile Miller in the 2nd quarter and 15 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists by Lebron James,  blew the game open, giving the Heat a 10 point lead.

A 10 point lead turned into a Heat blowout in the third quarter, Miami outscored OKC by 14 in the period,  doing so without much scoring from their duo, Wade and James had 8 points in the period combined, but  Chris Bosh had 12 points, Shane Battier had 6, Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller each scored 5, and that was the biggest difference. Lebron James did assisted 6 of Miami field goals in the quarter, afer that, the rest of the wasn't much a problem.  Miami largest lead was 27 points.

Oklahoma City saw a better James Harden, he had 19 points, Serge Ibaka had 9, Derek Fisher 11, that wasn't  enough for OKC to force another game in these finals. .

Lebron James, who was named the NBA Most Valuable Player for the Finals, handle this victory with grace and dealt with all the questions with class, that's the maturity you expect from a champion.  You have to give credit when credit is due, Lebron didn't backed down from the challenge, didn't hesitate in the closing moments of any playoff game and didn't showed any signs of immaturity in any of his comments . Two things left to say to the King, well deserved.

Congratulations to the runner up, Oklahoma City Thunder. They had a marvelous season, they did things no one thought they were capable of doing, beating San Antonio four straight times was one of them.  The Thunder despite losing in the finals, should be a contending team for many, many years to come. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are only 23 and they will get better, Serge Ibaka and James Harden are just 22.  There's isn't a single reason to believe OKC won't be sitting in the finals this time next year.

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