Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brazil is ready for the Eletrobras Tournament

The Brazilian national team has been practicing for the last 14 days, however, today will be the first time they will play against a different opponent than themselves.  The Electrobas Tournament will start today, they will take place in San Carlos, Brazil.  Greece, Nigeria, New Zealand will be joining Brazil in the tournament.

These games will be a good practice for Ruben Magnano's team to execute all the plays they have been working on and focusing on integrating guard, Marcelo Huertas, who joined the team earlier in the week,  Huertas,  a member of Regal FC Barcelona,  was resting from winning the ACB championship in Spain.

"I'm very motivated and with a great expectation to begin working with the group in order to dispute the Olympic Games in London. The preparation is an important part of our work, since we have a very high level competition ahead and we have to get optimal conditions, to our best, whether in physical appearance or even the tactical, "  - Marcelo Huertas. 

San Carlos is also Nene's hometown, he's looking forward to playing there tonight, his kids and  wife will be in attendance.  The last time Nene played in front of his hometown was so long ago, he wasn't even a member of Brazil's national team.

Source:  http://lnb.com.br

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