Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Centrobasket Championship

Centrobasket is basketball tournament sponsored by FIBA.  Teams from the Caribbean, Mexico and central America get to compete. The tournament happens every two years and the top four teams get to advance to the Fiba's World Championships (Now renamed the FIBA Basketball World Cup)

This year's tournament is going to be in San Juan, Puerto Rico and it will be from June 18-24.  Here's the schedule for the first round . 

Monday, June 18
1:00pm   Jamaica     vs.      Costa Rica
3:30pm   Cuba         vs.      Bahamas
6:00pm   Mexico      vs.      Virgin Islands
8:30pm   Puerto Rico   vs.   Panama

Tuesday, June 19
1:00pm    Virgin Islands vs. Jamaica
3:30pm    Nicaragua   vs.    Cuba
6:00pm    Rep.Dom   vs.     Mexico
8:30pm    Bahamas    vs.    Puerto Rico

Wednesday, June 20
1:00pm    Costa Rica   vs.   Virgin Islands
3:30pm    Panama       vs.   Bahamas
6:00pm    Jamaica        vs.  Rep. Dom
8:30pm    Puerto Rico  vs.   Nicaragua

Thursday, June 21
1:00pm    Nicaragua    vs.   Panama
3:30pm    Mexico     vs.     Jamaica
6:00pm    Rep. Dom   vs.    Costa Rica
8:30pm       Cuba       vs.      Puerto Rico

Friday, June 22
1:00pm    Bahamas  vs.       Nicaragua
3:30pm    Panama   vs.       Cuba
6:00pm    Costa Rica    vs.  Mexico
8:30pm    Virgin Islands vs. Rep. Dom

Credit:  Coliseum of Puerto Rico

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