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ECF Game 3 Heat @ Celtics 6-1-12 Instant Recap

1st Quarter

Guess  Rajon Rondo isn't tired from his 44 points in game 2, he went to the line and scored Boston first 2 points and Lebron James got his first foul  less than 2 minutes of play.  The Heat are pushing the ball at every chance they get, answering every Celtic basket.

8:11  -  Brandon Bass picked up his 2nd personal foul.

After the first six furious minutes, The Celtics have a one point lead (17-16)  Kevin Garnett has scored 6 points, Pierce and Rondo have 4 apiece & 3 for Ray Allen. For Miami, Mario Chalmers is 2-4 FG for 5 points & 6 for James. 

5:35 - Funny moment, The Celtics were in a huddle (in a free throw situation) and Mario Chalmers went and listened to it. 

Lebron James has scored 16 out of the first 28 Heat points, shooting 7-9 FG.  All of that despite being 1-4 from the free throw line. Paul Pierce is trying his best to keep the Celtics afloat, he has 8 points, 4-8 FG.

The Celtics ended the quarter on a 8-0 run (last 2 minutes and 15 seconds) and took a 30-28 lead.  Marquis Daniels (2 pts) and Keyon Dooling (5 pts) were some unexpected help in scoring.  The Celtics shot 60% from the field & the Heat shot 61%.

2nd Quarter

Kevin Garnett started the quarter with a layup, after some missed shots by both teams. Celtics are doing a good job at throwing the ball high at the basket to Garnett to catch.  Heat haven't scored a point yet.

9:08  -  Garnett got fouled by Haslem under the basket and did a set of  push ups before standing up.

The Heat have missed 9 straight shots and haven't scored in 7 minutes, Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling have implemented a lot of ball pressure and their impact has been a huge factor.  Rondo found Garnett twice and gave Celtics  their biggest lead of the game  37-28,  Garnett has 12 points and Rondo 5 assists. 

The Celtics bench have outscored the Heat, 12-4.

Lebron James is 1-6 FG after starting 7-9, and the Celtics are taking advantage.  Rajon Rondo drove to the hoop and found Pierce for a three and Boston now leads 46-34, they are currently on a 24-6 run.

1:53  -  Paul Pierce draws Lebron James 2nd foul.

43.5 -  Paul Pierce again  did a shot fake nd James bumped him. James now has 3 fouls and goes to the bench

At halftime, Boston leads Miami  55-42 

Halftime Stats

James 20 points  (16 in 1st q)
Wade 6 points
Chalmers 7 points

Kevin Garnett 12 pts 
Paul Pierce  15 pts 
Rajon Rondo 6 pts 
Ray Allen 6 pts 


Wade has 6 points, 4 of them came in transition. 
Boston outscored the Heat 25-14 in the 2nd Q. 
Celtics were 16-25 n the paint and 4-10 from three. 

3rd Quarter

Kevin Garnett hit a layup for the first basket of the quarter, but Brandon Bass picked up two more fouls and now has 5 in only 13 minutes played.

8:14 - Pierce's and one gives Celtics an 18 point lead. biggest of the night.  No one from the Heat is playing well outside of Lebron James.

Lebron James is taking the whole Celtics team by itself, he's hitting every single jumper, but Celtics are doing the same. Rondo, Allen and Marquis Daniels are hitting everything.

2:42 - Celtics 76, Heat 57.

Marquis Daniels has been the best player off the bench from either team, he has scored 9 points (4-4 FG) and 4 rebounds.

Pierce's nails a three before the quarter ends giving Boston a 85-63 lead after 36 minutes.  The Celtics scored 30 points in the third.

4th Quarter

Ray Allen started the quarter with one handed dunk and Erik Spoelstra had a lineup that included Lebron James playing the center position.  Chalmers/Wade/James/Miller/Battier , clearly an act of desperation.

This small lineup has been very effective,  they are quicker and Celtics don't know how to respond, Miami is on an 11-0 run & the lead is down to 12. Mike Miller has made two triples and has been huge for the Heat.

5:28  - KG dunks and gives Celtics an 11 point lead.  Miami is winning the 4th, 19-8

Back two back baskets by Mario Chalmers has the Boston lead down to 8,  Mario and Miller have 16 points combined. This has been surprising since the  Celtics had a 24 point lead with 11 minutes left.

1:39  Dwyane Wade took a bad shot, didn't run back on offense, allowing Rajon Rondo to take the rebound and take the ball coast to coast for a layup.  Rajon gave the Celtics a 10 point lead.

Final Score:    Celtics 101, Heat 91.  Game 4 is on Sunday

Final Stats:

James 34 points, 16-26 FG & 8 Rebounds. 
Wade  18 points,  9-20 FG 
Chalmers 14 points,  5-11 FG

Kevin Garnett  24 points, 10-16 FG & 11 Rebounds. 
Paul Pierce 23 points,  7-21 FG 
Rajon Rondo  21 Points, 9-16 FG 
Ray Allen 10 Points, 4-8 FG 

Credit:  Jose3030 &  Getty Images 

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