Thursday, June 7, 2012

ECF Game 6 Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics 6-7-12 Instant Recap

1st Quarter

The Heat have made two triples (Chalmers, Battier) , Lebron James have scored 4 points and The Miami Heat lead the Celtics 12-8.  Rajon Rondo has 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assists & 1 steal.  Kevin Garnett has 4 points. Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade are scoreless.

The Heat are grabbing rebounds and take it to the basket with no hesitation, Lebron James have scored 9 points out of the Heat first 19. Lebron is 4-5 from the field.

Rajon Rondo got fouled by Mario Chalmers and he threw the ball at the basket and it went it, boston needed this. Heat have started 9-16 FG (3-3 from three) and are leading 22-14 ,  Lebron James has 12 points early on.

Chris Bosh came off the bench for 4 points, Lebron James kept scoring and Boston kept making turnovers, after the first 12 minutes, the Heat are leading 26-16. 

Miami shot  57% in the first quarter, Boston just 41%

Rajon Rondo has  8 points, 2 rebs & 1 assist.
Lebron James scored  14 pts, 3 rebs & 1 assist.

2nd Quarter

Wade started the quarter with a made basket and two free throws  after going 0-4 in the first.  Rajon Rondo did the same for Boston, he made two consecutive jumpers. A few plays later Keyon Dooling found Ray Allen for a wide open three (which he made) and cut the Heat lead to 7, that was reason enough for Erik Spoelestra to call a timeout.

Lebron James returned to the game and immediately scored two straight baskets, Udonis Haslem also made a jumper (off the offensive rebound by Bosh) and Heat extended the lead to 13. That was one of the fastest 6-0 runs I've seen in these playoffs.  Lebron James has 18 points, Boston has 23.

James have made two more jumpers, giving Boston no chance in coming back, he has 20 points already (9-10 FG) But missed two free throws. Hack-A-Lebron?

Brandon Bass and Rajon Rondo have given the Celtics the  scoring spark they needed, however, Boston is playing really sloppy and they haven't cut much of the lead.  Lebron has 25 points and no other heat player has more than 4.

1:48 -  Rondo had the ball on the break, he saw Chalmers behind him and initiated the contact, drawing Chalmers third foul. Really smart play by Rajon (He did some knuckles push ups as well)

Lebron hits a jumper over Pietrus and has 30 in the first half (12-13 FG) and Miami goes to the locker room leading 55-42. 

Halftime Stats

James 30 points  
Wade 6 points
Bosh 4 points

Kevin Garnett 8 pts 
Paul Pierce  2 pts 
Rajon Rondo 19 pts 
Ray Allen 5 pts 

3rd Quarter

It only took Lebron 20 seconds to miss a field goal (after missing  1 in 24 minutes)  But he did made an impossible bank shot and the Heat increased their lead to 15.

8:36 - Two layups by Kevin Garnett and a Brandon Bass put back slam got Spoelstra to stop the run call a timeout.  Miami still leading by 12, but aren't getting hardly any offense from anyone besides Lebron.

3:17 -  Pierce missed a three as the clock was winding down, Rondo grabbed the offensive rebound and score a layup. Lebron slapped the ball after the play and got called for a technical foul.

2:09 - As Boston cut the lead to 10, Lebron James made a three but Mickael Pietrus draw a charge on Shane Battier and later scored on a put back. That was Boston first points off the bench.

The Celtics couldn't make a shot to save their lives, Paul Pierce had two wide open three's, so did Pietrus &  KG had a close shot at the rim that he couldn't convert.  For the heat, Lebron James kept scoring and now has 41 Points.  After three, Miami leads 74-61 

4th Quarter

Dwyane Wade scored two baskets and Shane Battier made a three, Heat are leading by 18 (Their largest of the night)

5:54 - Heat lead is now 23, Lebron James has 45 and the rest of the game will be garbage time.

Final Score:    Heat 98 , Celtics 79      Game 7 and final of the series will be on  Saturday. 

Final Stats:

James 45 points, 15 rebs & 5 assists
Wade  17 points,  
Chalmers 9 points

Kevin Garnett  12 points
Brandon Bass 12 points
Paul Pierce 9 points
Rajon Rondo  21 Points

Credit: Getty Images 

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