Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A wedding, a surgery and more.

Recently as all of you may noticed (all 3 of you) I hadn't updated the blog since i gave my playoffs predictions on  April 28th. The reason was that i went to a family wedding and had to spend a lot of time with some family i don't really get to see often.  I also had to go to the orthodontist and he told me a need surgery to fix my jaw. Well, here's hoping i can continue to post recaps/quotes and some other stuff for the reminder of the playoffs.

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  1. Jaw surgery? Ouch! Hi, I'm dropping by your site for the first time. Got a pile of papers here, quickly stacking up! Playoffs...but getting a little tired of seeing Noah's weird facial expressions on the cover of EVERY sports page these days...

  2. Hello, Anna! i was going to text you. Yeah, i have a problem with my bite and my whole jaw is going to get fix. They are all Noah's, due to Rose's injury.. Bulls just lost tonight, so only 1 or 2 more days of newspapers and that's it for the year. Sadly