Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Instant Recap: EC 2nd round Celtics @ Sixers Game 3. May 16, 2012.

1st Quarter: 

6:43 -  Celtics lead 12-10. Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are both 2-3 from the field, Brandon Bass went in for a dunk instead of his usual jumpers and Paul Pierce seems to be struggling (0-4 FG)  Jrue Holiday is still hot from the field, he nailed his first three pointer.

6:24 -  Kevin Garnett picked up his 2nd foul.

5:35 -  Thaddeus Young hit a jump shot, score is 14-12 Sixers.  Doc Rivers called a timeout.

3:28 -  Sixers lead 19-14 after Andre Iguodala made his first three of the night.

1:07   Paul Pierce had a thunderous jam.

0:00  After 1st Sixers have a 33-28 lead and shooting 61.9% from the field.    Jrue Holiday lead the way for the Sixers with 10 points.   Paul Pierce  had 9 points and Rajon Rondo 13 for Boston, the two of them scored the last 22 Celtics points.  The Bench scoring was one sided, Sixers bench scored 10 points, Celtics didn't even had a point.

2nd Quarter:

11:29 -  Young starts the quarter with a jump shot giving the Sixers a 35-28 lead.

9:33 -  KG has been unstoppable early in the quarter.  He's 3-3 from the field in the quarter.  35-34 Sixers

8:46 -  Celtics get their first points off the bench with a Pietrus triple.  37-37 all

7:03  Paul Pierce  returns to the game,  Pietrus  to the bench.  40-37 Celtics.

6:02 -  Brandon Bass suddenly got hot and made two straight jumpers.  44-39 Celtics

5:26 -  Boston has outscored the Sixers 16-6 in the quarter and have made 7 out of 10 shots in the period.

3:33 -  Spencer Hawes and one gives him his first points of the night.   Boston leads 49-43

3:10 -  Vintage KG, he continues hitting jumpers left and right. Is he ever going to miss?   Celtics are a +11 when KG's been on the floor.   Holiday and Young have 10 pts each.

1:37 -  Boston leads 56-43 after Pietrus hits his 2nd three   Cetics are on a 28-10 run.

0:00 - Halftime:  Celtics lead Sixers  60-49, Celtics double the Sixers score in the quarter 32-16 and have a 24-16 rebound advantage.

In game #2 of the seriies, the Celtics didn't scored their 60th point until 8:36 left in the 4th quarter.

Kevin Garnett:  17 & 9 (8-11 FG)
Rajon Rondo:  17 & 5   (6-9 FG)
Jrue Holiday: 10 & 5
Thaddeus Young:  10 points

3rd Quarter:

11:17 - Nice defense by Rondo, forcing a jump ball with Spencer Hawes. 

10:39 -  Garnett made yet another jumpshot, Celtics with biggest lead of the night. 62-49 

8:51 - Rondo made a floater,  Pierce got a three to go down & the  Sixers have no answer for the Celtics right now.   67-51 C's

7:46 -  Celtics have outscored the 76ers 11-2 in less than 5 minutes. They lead 71-51 

7:40  Lou Williams comes to the game and immediately makes a three for Philadelphia.

5:49 Sixers are frustrated and it shows. Iguodala fouled Paul Pierce while he attempted a three pointer.  Sixers are down 24.

3:48 Everyone scoring for the Celtics, Ryan Hollins just got a basket and a foul.  25 point lead for Boston. They are playing outstanding defense.

0:00 -  Celtics lead  89-66, C's outscored Sixers by 12 in the period.  This has been a massacre.

4th Quarter:  

8:17  Thaddeus Young (10-16 FG, 5 rebounds has been the Sixers only positive in this game, he has scored 12 of the Sixers 25 2nd half points.  The Sixers are still down by 21.

5:58 - Celtics have 101 points.

2:45 -  Celtics emptied their bench.  KG finished the game with 27 & 13, Rondo with 23, 14 & 6, Pierce had  24 and 12.   Very dominant performance by the Celtics all around.    Thaddeus Young had 22 for Philadelphia.

0:00 -  Celtics beat the Sixers 107-91  to take a 2-1 series lead.

Credit:  Getty Images/NBA Yahoo Sports

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