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WCF Game 1 OKC Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs 5-27-12 Instant recap

1st Quarter

Thabo Sefolosha started the series by hitting a three (From Kevin Durant)  The Thunder started on a 5-0 run, hitting their first 2 shots and playing outstanding defense.  It took the Spurs some time to get used to the pace, (especially Danny Green, he started 0-3) but they quickly adjusted, by using Tony Parker in pick & rolls and had a 8-0 run.

Tony Parker is 2-3 FG and Boris Diaw 2-2 FG, both have 4 pts for San Antonio, Kevin Durant is 2-4 FG also with  4.  After starting 2-2 from the field, the Thunder missed their last 5 shots.

6:31 NBA 2008 Sixth Man of the year, Manu Ginobili, comes off the bench for an erratic and nervous Danny Green. Scored was 10-8 Spurs at this point.

4:31 Kendrick Perkins picked up his 2nd personal foul. As expected, he wasn't too happy about the call.  

3:19  The Thunder playing outstanding defense, making the Spurs commit  6 turnovers already, they only average 13 in the regular season.

Manu Ginobili made a three at the buzzer, giving the Spurs a 24-18 lead.  Spurs finished the quarter with a 10-2 Run, Manu had 7 of the 10.


Russell Westbrook  1-6   3 pts
Kevin Durant  2-6  5 pts
Harden 0-4 FG   in 4 mins
Kawhi Leonard   2-4   5 pts
Manu  Ginobili 3-5   7 pts
Tim Duncan 2-6   4 pts
Tony Parker  2-5  4 pts
Boris Diaw  2-2  4 pts

The Spurs  shot 11-25  FG in the 1st, Thunder 6-22 FG.  OKC averages 9 steals per game in the regular season, they had 5 in the quarter.

2nd Quarter

Scott Brooks started the 2nd quarter with a four guard lineup: Fisher, Cook, Harden and Thabo.    Manu Ginobili is taking over this game, he took over in the first with his scoring and now with his passing, he found Tiago Splitter for a wide open layup.   Spurs lead 31-25 at the 8:49 mark.   Timeout Thunder.    Following the timeout, the Thunder responded with a 6-0 run.  Fisher, Russell and Collison each made a jumpshot.  

6:49  Manu Ginobili goes to the bench, 4-7 FG, 10 points.  Kevin Durant and Tony Parker returned.

2:57    Kevin Durant has 11 points, Boris Diaw has 8. Spurs are shooting 49%, Thunder 42%.

1:36  Spurs committed their 11th turnover of the game.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scored 11 out of the last 14 OKC points. The Thunder went into halftime with a 47-46 lead.  Derek Fisher went 4-4 FG with 9 pts in the 2nd quarter.

Halftime notes:

  • Spurs have 13 Turnovers, tying their regular season average. 
  • KD and Westbrook went a combined 9-22 FG and 22 pts. 
  • Spurs bench have outscored OKC's 19-16.  Neal had 5 pts, Splitter 4 and 10 for Manu. 
  • OKC went 6-8 from the line, they average 25 free throws per game. 
  • After losing the first quarter by 6, OKC won the 2nd quarter by 7. 
  • James Harden went 1-9 FG in 14 minutes. 
  • Spurs have a 26-16 advantage in the paint. 

3rd Quarter

 The Thunder started the quarter with a 5-1 run and they lead 52-47, while the Spurs are still committing turnovers, they got their 15th of the night.     9:26 -  Timeout Spurs.   

6:00   After the first 6 minutes of the quarter, OKC got a 59-56 lead. Kevin Durant made a couple of jumpers, Westbrook made a three & Perkins had a dunk.

3:15 Gary Neal enters for Tony Parker.

Derek Fisher made yet another jumpshot, he's shooting 5-5 From the field, has 11 pts.   OKC finished the quarter with a 10-3 run and have a 71-62 lead at the end of three.  Durant leads all scorers with 21 pts.  Spurs pulled a Kobe (f2010 Finals game 7) and shot 6-24 from the field in the quarter.

4th Quarter

Tiago Splitter is taking over the quarter, made 2 baskets around the rim, took a charge on Harden and draw a foul on the offensive end.  After Gary Neal's layup, Thunder lead was cut to 5 ( 73-68) Scott Brooks called a timeout.

7:56  Spurs went on a 9-0 run and tied the game at 73 after Parker's jump shot.  The Thunder haven't scored in the last 3:28 minutes.

Tony Parker with up and under move and the foul, gives the Spurs a 75-74 lead. Kendrick Perkins picked up his 5th foul.

5:58  Derek Fisher isn't going to miss during this game at all, he made a jump shot, he's 6-6 from the field. The Spurs have outscored the Thunder 15-5 in the quarter.

5:05  Crucial, crucial play. Fisher missed a three  and Gary Neal made one at the other end.  Giving the Spurs a 6th point lead. 82-76 . Spurs are 20-5 in the quarter. 

3:34  Scott Brooks went with a small lineup, having KD play the 4.  Spurs took advantage of this and they are giving the ball to Duncan every chance they get. It's working out just as planned.   Meanwhile, Durant is going to the hoop and drawing tons of fouls, mostly on Stephen Jackson.  Spurs lead 88-84. 

3:02  Stephen Jackson made a three (First FG of the night), Neal draws a charge on Westbrook.  Spurs lead 91-84 

1:11  The Thunder were losing by 10 (After a Ginobili's and one) But they refused to lay down, Harden made a three, Russell a layup and lead was cut in half.   Ginobili responded back with another layup, giving him 26 points for the game and a 7 point lead.  96-89 

Final Score    Spurs  101, OKC 98. 

Tim Duncan  16 Pts & 11.
Tony Parker 18 Pts, 6 Ast
Manu Ginobili   26 Pts (11 in the 4th)

Kevin Durant  27 Pts & 10 boards.
Russell Westbrook  17, 5 & 5.
James Harden  19 Pts

The Spurs have now won their first 9 playoff games. Remember when the Spurs had 13 Turnovers at the half? They finished with 16.

I haven't scored this much in a game this season, they probably wanted me to do so - Manu Ginobili  

Post Game notes. 

  •  Spurs finish off 101-98 win in Game 1.  Streak up to 19 in a row. Spurs haven't lost since April 11. That's 46 days without a loss.
  •  Spurs scored 39 points in the 4th quarter, they had 38 in the 2nd & 3rd quarter combined. 
  •  San Antonio is now   44-4 in last 48 games Parker has played.
  • James Harden &  Russell Westbrook combined for 2 free throws. 
  • Player of the Game:  Manu Ginobili 26 points (11 in 4th), 5 rebs, 3 asts, 9-14 FG, 3-5 3FG, 5-5 FT, 
  • Thunder and Spurs combine for 89 points off the bench.
  • Serge Ibaka played just 22 minutes

Credit: NBA Yahoo Sports/Getty Images

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