Thursday, May 31, 2012

NBA 2012 Draft Lottery Results

The New Orleans Hornets, who had a 13.7% chance of winning the first pick,  won the 2012 NBA Draft lottery last night. They are expected to select Kentucky's freshman and NCAA player of the year, Anthony Davis.   There are a lot of conspiracy theories (Even some NBA players) said the NBA rigged the lottery

The Charlotte Bobcats had the worse record in all of basketball this season and failed to get the first overall pick. They acquired the #2 pick.

Here are the rest of the results:

1.         New Orleans               
2.         Charlotte
3.         Washington     
4.         Cleveland
5.         Sacramento
6.         Brooklyn (To Portland)           
7.         Golden State   
8.         Toronto           
9.         Detroit
10.       Minnesota (To New Orleans via LA Clippers)            
11.       Portland          
12.       Milwaukee      
13.       Phoenix          
14.       Houston           

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