Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clippers season in review and playoff talk with Alicia

Alicia is a cool chick from Twitter. She is a devoted Clipper fan and she enjoys tv shows. We talked about why i don't like Blake Griffin, her thoughts on Chris Paul and some TV talk. 

Does every Clipper fan hate the Lakers or that’s just a myth?
The lakers.. Not EVERY Clipper fan is a Laker hater, but a majority are. It's like it's a sin for us to not like the Lakers.. "They're champions, they run LA..." ok, that's great and all, but why can't we be free to choose who we like? If everyone liked the same team, the sports world would be rather boring. For me, they were always a threat, people don't like greatness. Now, they're not my teams biggest threat, I don't hate them, I don't care either way

I know you’re a clipper fan, but you can tell us when and how did you get into watching basketball?
I started watching basketball in the mid 80's, the "showtime" era, I won't date myself anymore than that! I honestly started watching on my own, my dad wasn't a big basketball fan. 

Are you  a fan of the Clippers or the NBA in general?

I am a NBA fan in general, but my Clippers get priority over any other game. I love the sport and to watch all the teams compete. 

Was CP3 better than advertised ?  
To be honest, all of the "CP3 trade rumors" we're starting to annoy me. I wasn't prepared to lose EJ (Eric Gordon), even though I knew how great Chris Paul was. Now, I adore him. He has a great spirit he brings to the team. He's a natural leader. Plus, he's one of the best point guards in the NBA!! He brought more than just his on court skills, I'm thankful for that. He helped this new team come together as a team. 

I loved Blake Griffin as a rookie, thought he was awesome for them and really wanted them to do good. Now, I dislike him for many reasons  . A lot of people feel that way, why do you think that is?
Hahaha so many people dislike Blake Griffin. It's so strange to me, but again, people dislike greatness. The flopping, the stares, and anything else are needed. Guys from other teams are trying their hardest not to get "mosgov'd" and they're doing everything they can to prevent it, trying to take him out. It's disgusting. I admit, he flops, and I get upset bc it prevents him from running back for defense. But, he's getting beat up out there, every game and not getting the calls he should. The stares, let's just say if I just posterized the hell out of someone, I'd be doing the same thing!

How do you compare this clipper team with the one they had last season?
Last season.. This team is a pretty complete unit, for the most part. Last season was plagued by injury and players that seemed to be "benched" by VDN for no reason.

Another person that gets a lot of hate, especially on twitter, is coach Del Negro.  Which grade would you give him and his staff? 
Vinny, Vinny, Vinny... I'd probably give him a C. I can't give him an F because we did win 40 games and had a nice little run towards the end. Well, minus the last 2 games.

I honestly have no idea who I'd want to replace him, should be need to be replaced. 

How do you feel about the Clippers facing Memphis  in the first round? Want to predict how it goes?
I'm a little bit nervous about facing the Grizzlies in the first round. They are a great team. In the regular season series, Clippers took it 2-1, I hope that's indication that we can take this playoff series. If all goes right, we steal the first game and regain home court advantage. That's my plan, hopefully the team follows suit! I say it's a tough series and I hope we can take it in 6 games. Also, I need that third home game because i have tickets!

If Clippers fail to win the title, who do you see winning it all?
If Clippers fail, I see OKC taking it... Western conference at least.

Which was the biggest moment of watching the clippers?
The biggest moment this season, we're the games against OKC at home. They were well played and Vinny out coached, I was proud. The atmosphere in Staples was electric, like a playoff atmosphere. It was amazing to be at. 

Do you really believe the Clippers are curse ?

I do not believe in the Clippers curse, players are injured all the time. People don't like Donald Sterling and will say anything to make the franchise look bad. 

All my twitter followers know music and tv shows are a big part of my life, do you like any of those two things as well? 
Im big on Netflix and just recently got addicted to Supernatural. Besides that: How I Met Your mother, Friends, The Office, King of Queens....also, some terrible reality TV. 

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