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WCF Game 3 San Antonio Spurs @ OKC Thunder 5-31-12 Instant recap

1st Quarter

Russel Westbrook starts the game by hitting a tough shot over Tony Parker & OKC couldn't asked for a better start to this game. They lead 8-0 and the Spurs have 4 turnovers.  One adjustment Scott Brooks did was putting Sefolosha on Parker, rather than letting Westbrook guard him.

Spurs first basket came at the 8:42 mark, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are the only ones scoring for the so far, Spurs have comeback and only trail by 2.   12-10 

3:00 -  Durant exploded to the basket for the dunk.  The Thunder takes the lead back, 13-12, after the Spurs took it on the previous position.

Stephen Jackson has come to the game and immediately had an impact, he went 2-2 from the field for 5 points and also draw an offensive foul on Kevin Durant.

With 7 seconds remaining Thabo Sefolosha took a shot (accidentally)  at Manu Ginobili's neck and got called for a flagrant one.  After one, The Spurs are leading 24-22. 

KD has 8 points, Tony and Duncan have 8 each.  San Antonio had 7 turnovers in the first 12 minutes.

2nd Quarter

Thabo Sefolosha ignited a 9-0 OKC run, he passed the ball to Ibaka for a layup, also made a three, Nick Collison made a jumpshot & James Harden had a layup.  OKC takes a 31-28 lead.

Kevin Durant had a technical foul (While on the bench) he argued a call that went against them (Harden got called for an offensive foul with Gary Neal was still moving)

James Harden had scored the last 9 points for OKC a Nick Collison  layup stopped the run.  Collison is 3-3 from the field and having a big impact in this game, he's also being asked to guard Duncan. 

The Thunder are making all the extra passes, Russell drove to the hoop and found Harden for an open three, Derek Fisher drove and found Kevin Durant for a layup, the Thunder are up by 12.  44-32 

Kendrick Perkins blocked Manu on an iso, Durant made a jump shot and it's all  Thunder in the 2nd. Tony Parker scored back two back field goals for San Antonio. At the half Thunder lead 54-41.  

Halftime Stats:
Tony Parker  11 Pts
Tim Duncan 9 pts
Manu Ginobili  8 pts 

Kevin Durant  16 Pts
Russell Westbrook 8 Pts
James Harden  11 Pts

Halftime notes: 

 - Tim Duncan passed Kareem Abdul- Jabbar for first place on the all time career playoffs blocks 477 (KAJ's blocks weren't counted until his playoff game #42)
 - Sefolosha played 17 minutes in the first half after playing just 15 minutes in Game 2.
 - Tim Duncan has made 4 FG, after scoring just two in game 2.
 -  Thunder outscored the Spurs 32-17   in the 2nd quarter.

3rd Quarter

Thabo Sefolosha has done it all, he's being making three's,  he's being guarding Parker and doing an excellent job and OKC jumped out to a 17 point lead.  Thunder have 14 fast break points, Spurs 1.

Both teams are just chucking three pointers and nobody is hitting anything until Kevin Durant jumper made it 65-48, with 4:36 left in the quarter.

The Thunder have displayed a defense exhibition, they aren't letting San Antonio get to their sets and their lead has increased to 20.

At the end of three, OKC leads the Spurs 78-60 

4th Quarter

Pop emptied his bench, he has James Anderson and Dejuan Blair in the game, obviously waiving the white flag. Meanwhile, OKC doesn't know what a miss is, Serge Ibaka had a long jumper before the shot blocker buzzer sounded, Harden banked a shot in the same situation as well. This one has been over for awhile now.

Final Score:  OKC 102, Spurs 82. The Spurs 20 game winning streak is over, game 4 will be Saturday.

Final Stats:

Tony Parker  16 Points
Stephen Jackson  16 points
Manu Ginobili 8 points 
Tim Duncan 11 points

Thabo Sefolosha  19 Pts
Kevin Durant 22 Pts
Russell Westbrook  10 pts 
James Harden 15 pts 

Credit: NBA Yahoo Sports/Getty Images

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