Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lakers Season in review + playoff talk with Monique Frausto

Despite being a Duke fan and a well known Tar Heels hater, Monique is a really cool chick from Sacramento, California. Not only does she possesses love for the Lakers, she’s also one of the prettiest girls in the basketball world. When she isn't watching the Lakers, she's probably hitting the clubs, dancing with her friends or watching ESPN's First Take. I've known her through twitter. 

Is it hard being a laker fan in Sacramento? Does people give you too much trouble?
I get a lot of flack but at the same time I don't because there are actually a lot of Lakers fans in Sacramento. You got to a Lakers/Kings game now a days and all you see is Lakers fans! It's pretty awesome. :) 

 How did you joined twitter?
I joined Twitter I think like 2 years ago had heard about it and thought I'd finally try it out. So glad I did don't know what I'd do without twitter now lol

Do you follow the league in general or just Lakers?
I follow the whole league it's been a lot harder to keep up with this year because I go to school at night but I try my best to stay updated. Obviously I focus more on the Lakers tho.

How dedicated are you to the Lakers? 
Ohhh I'm a die hard fan! Win or lose that's my team to the end. 

I know you’re a  Laker fan, but there’s  something I’d like you to talk about:  How did you started liking basketball and especially the Lakers? 
Well I actually grew up a Lakers fan thanks to my mom. She grew up a Lakers fan cause there was no Kings team here in Sacramento. So I grew up watching them they've been my team ever since.

Any past Laker player you’d like to see again with the team?
Magic Johnson lol jk I would love to see Lamar Odom come back he was a huge part of the team. 

Pick a player from another other team you’d love having them in a purple and gold jersey.
Hmmm I wouldn't mind seeing Kevin Durant in the purple and gold of course this would be after Kobe's done.

Who’s your favorite Laker of all time? And why?
Kobe Bryant of course! He's who I've grown up watching he's amazing! His name speaks for itself :) 

What is one of your favorite laker memories of all time? 
Kobe's 81 pt game and of course the Lakers 2010 Nba championship against the celtics :)

Are you satisfied with the new players the Lakers got this season?
Ehh not really I think they could have made better trades the only one I'm slightly satisfied with is Ramon Sessions.

How would you grade Mike Brown and his coaching staff?

I'd give him a B- he's had his moments where I'm like what are you doing? But then he came up big last Sunday in that thunder game by leaving Jordan hill and Devin Ebanks in that was a risky move and it worked out in our favor.

Which was the best moment of the Laker season?
Well I'm hoping I can say seeing them win this years championship. I want Kobe to get #6.

What about the worse?
I hated seeing Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher go. 

Thoughts on the unfortunate Lamar Odom situation?
I hope that he could come back to the lakers he was a huge contributor to the team. I kno he had a horrible year in Dallas but I think if he still woulda been with the Lakers he woulda been fine.

How do you feel about The Lakers facing …. In the first round? Any predictions?  . 
I feel good about them facing the nuggets I think they can take them in 5.

Any concerns not having too much depth and having players with no playoffs experience like Sessions, Ebanks & Hill? 
Ya there's some concern but I'm hoping that with the leadership of Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol they'll be ok.

Let’s say  L.A fails to win it all, who’d you think its going to hold that trophy by the end of June?  
I'd have to say the Thunder I think they have all the potential to win it all.

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