Saturday, April 28, 2012

NBA 2011-2012 Playoffs predictions

Here are my predictions for the first round of the NBA playoffs.


1)  San Antonio Spurs vs  (8) Utah Jazz

Spurs won't collapse in the first round this year, you'd think they'll  avoid another humiliation like last season. 

Spurs in 5. 

(2) Oklahoma City Thunder vs (7)  Dallas Mavericks 

Call me nuts, crazy or insane, that's fine. But i just can't see Dirk Nowtizki going out in the first round of the playoffs. KD and Westbrook will have to wait another time for a chance at the ring.

Dallas in 6. 

(3) Los Angeles Lakers vs (6) Denver Nuggets

I see the Lakers winning this, Denver will put a hell of a fight, however, they won't advance. The Black Mamba got his rest and Andrew Bynum is anxious to prove himself  in the postseason. 

Lakers in 6. 

(4)  Los Angeles Clippers vs  (5) Memphis Grizzlies

This will be the closest series out of the west. The Clippers had homecourt and they threw it away, they'd still are going to find a way to prevail in this series.  

Clippers in 7. 


(1)  Chicago Bulls vs (8) Philadelphia Sixers

Evan Turner can dream all he wants about beating the Bulls, that's just not how reality works.  Bulls could lose 1 game, but anything other than that... Sixers have NO CHANCE on beating the Bulls 4 times. 

Bulls in 6. 

(2) Miami Heat vs (7)  New York Knicks

Lebron, Wade and Bosh are going to be too much for the  New York Knicks. Melo is having a really good stretch lately, but the Knicks need more than that to win 4 games against the Heat.

Heat in 5 

(3) Indiana Pacers vs (6) Orlando Magic

Is there anything worse than watching the Bobcats? This will feel  like that. There's no point on watching this series.  It's going to be that depressing.  It will be a failure if Indiana manages to lose 1 game. 

Pacers in 4

(4)  Boston Celtics vs (5) Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta has homecourt? No big deal. Celtics are playing way too good defense, they are on a mission and they won't let the Hawks beat them. The Big 3 knows their window is slowly closing, it will take someone stronger to close it for them. 

Celtics in 5.

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