Friday, May 25, 2012

Mike Woodson signs a 3 year extension with the New York Knicks.

Mike Woodson signed a 3 year extension with the New York Knicks, removing his interim tag from the past season.  He started coaching the Knicks on March, 14, 2012 after Mike D'Antoni resigned from his duties after four seasons. Woodson helped the Knicks to a 18-6 record and 1-4 in the postseason.

Woodson getting extended isn't  a bad choice, the Knicks played with more passion and energy since he took over as the coach  (Carmelo Anthony, anyone?) What makes this a strange move, is the fact that ESPN writer Bill Simmons said Phil Jackson was more that interested in coaching the Knicks and he wasn't even given an interview due to Knicks owner, James Dolan, not wanting to have someone smarter than him.

Credit:  Real GM , I AM A GM.

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