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WCF Game 2 OKC Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs 5-29-12 Instant recap

1st Quarter

Tony Parker made the first field goal of the game at the 10:19 mark. Both teams started slow before San Antonio woke up first and got a  10-2 Run after Kawhi Leonard's dunk. Every Spurs starter has scored with the exception of Duncan.

Parker is hitting his jump shots early (4-5 FG, 9 points) he's destroying OKC with pick & rolls,  Kevin Durant is doing the same for OKC, he scored a driving layup & a three pointer and he has 7 of OKC's first 11 points.

4:12 -   Manu Ginobili and James Harden entered the game with Spurs leading by 8.  (19-11)

Kevin Durant has been hot from the field the entire quarter, he made a three which give him 12 points, 5-7 FG, but every time he makes a shot, the Spurs have responded.  Manu Ginobili and James Harden traded baskets as the quarter came to an end. The Spurs are leading 28-22. Their biggest lead of the quarter was 10. 

2nd Quarter

Derek Fisher started the quarter by hitting a corner three and once again the Spurs had a response as Manu scored a basket and was fouled.  Ginobili, with his dribble penetration, created a wide open three for Matt Bonner and with a good pass helped Tiago Splitter draw a foul.  James Harden has bounced back from his game 1 performance, he's hit some mid range shots (4-5 FG) for 9 points.

Since Tony Parker came back the Spurs picked up their intensity level even more. He created a layup for Splitter, Splitter had a nice assist to Danny Green and Stephen Jackson made a three to give the Spurs a 42-29 lead, their biggest of the game.  The Spurs have 11 assists, the Thunder have 12 made field goals.

Can't say enough about Parker, spinning his way for a layup around Kendrick Perkins, hitting jumpers, he's doing it all for San Antonio right now.  James Harden for OKC has adjusted and instead of taking  it to the rim on every possession, he's shooting (and making) mid range shots.  However, he hasn't draw as many fouls as he'd would like.

Rusell Westbrook isn't going down without a fight, his triple and Harden's free throws have cut the Spurs lead to 7 but only for a few moments. The lead grew to 11 behind  TIM DUNCAN's huge facial (That was unreal, vintage Timmy) on Serge Ibaka and 2 free throws.

The Spurs are up 55-44 after the first half.

Halftime Stats:
Parker 17 Points and 5 assists. 
Duncan 7 and 8 boards
Manu 5 Pts, 2 assists.

Durant   14 Pts, 2 rebounds & 2 assists. 
Harden  14 Pts & 4 rebounds. 
Westbrook  8 and 4 assists. 


  • Tim Duncan tied Hakeem Olajuwon for #2 on the all time post season blocks with 472. 

3rd Quarter

Beautiful passing by the Spurs to start the quarter. Kawhi Leonard, Boris Diaw and Danny Green have a three pointer each, along with a two from Parker and a layup from Diaw (beating Ibaka off the dribble) and San Antonio have started the quarter 5-5 from the field and leads 68-52 

Somehow, Tony Parker is playing even better now than in the first half.  Hitting every jumper he throws in (11-15 FG) , finding Kawhi Leonard for a three pointer. Spurs lead 78-56.    The Spurs are putting on a clinic and it's a beautiful sight to watch. 

Scott Brooks clearly showing signs of desperation, decided to try the hack-a-Splitter to get a couple of stops.  Tiago went 5-9  from the line during the stretch.  The Spurs scored 37 points in the quarter and they lead 92-76

4th Quarter

If OKC loses this game it won't be because of lack of effort, despite all that has happened, the Thunder have outscored the Spurs 10-3 and the San Antonio lead is down to 9 with 9 mins remaining. The Thunder have been switching everything, playing a small lineup with Ibaka at the 5  and it's working out perfectly.

The Thunder have gone 11 times to the free throw in less than 7 minutes, the Spurs haven't taken a free throw yet.  Spurs are really confused on offense mostly due to an outstanding defensive effort by OKC, but they  are still up 8 with 5:40 remaining.

After some free throws and  a Tony Parker jump shot the Spurs lead is back to 11.  Westbrook and Harden were making shots and trying to cut the lead down, however, KD isn't getting done in the 4th.

In the last 2 minutes of the game the Thunder closed the gap by 8 and 7 points respectively, but Manu Ginobili hit two clutch shots (a two and a three) and Parker hit a two and ended OKC's hope of stealing home court.

Spurs defeat the Thunder 120-111. They have a 2-0 series lead. Game 3 is at OKC on Thursday.

Final Stats:

Manu Ginobili  6-11 FG, 20 Points & 3 assists. 
Tim Duncan  2-11 FG,  11 Points & 12 rebounds. 
Tony Parker  16-21 FG, 34 points, 8 assists & 3 rebounds. 
Kawhi Leonard  7-12 FG,  18 points & 10 rebounds. 

Jamess Harden  10-13 FG, 10-13 Ft's, 30 Points & 7 rebounds. 
Kevin Durant   10-17 FG, 31 Points, 5 rebounds & 5 assists. 
Russell Westbrook   10-24 FG,  27 Points, 8 asists & 7 rebounds. 

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

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