Saturday, July 28, 2012

NBA players in the Olympics.

Many players from the national basketball Association not only compete against each other during the hard fought 82 games schedule, they also represent their national teams in  international competitions such as the Olympics. There are 41 players that are part of the league or will be joining it this season competing in the event.

Manu Ginobili                         San Antonio Spurs
Pablo Prigioni                          New York Knicks
Carlos Delfino                         Milwaukee Bucks         
Luis Scola                               Phoenix Suns


Patty Mills                               San Antonio Spurs


Leandro Barbosa                     Indiana Pacers 
Anderson Varejao                    Cleveland Cavaliers
Nene                                       Washington Wizards
Tiago Splitter                            San Antonio Spurs


Yi Jianlian                                 Dallas Mavericks


Nicolas Batum                          Portland Trail Blazers
Nando de Colo                        San Antonio Spurs
Boris Diaw                               San Antonio Spurs
Tony Parker                             San Antonio Spurs
Kevin Seraphin                         Washington Wizards
Ronny Turiaf                             Los Angeles Clippers
 Great Britain

 Luol Deng                                Chicago Bulls
Joel Freeland                            Portland Trail Blazers


Linas Kleiza                             Toronto Raptors 
Jonas Valanciunas                    Toronto Raptors


Al Farouq Aminu                     New Orleans Hornets


Alexey Shved                           Minnesota Timberwolves 
Andrei Kirilenko                      Minnesota Timberwolves
Timofey Mozgov                      Denver Nuggets


Marc Gasol                               Memphis Grizzlies
Pau Gasol                                 Los Angeles Lakers
Serge Ibaka                              Oklahoma City Thunder
Jose Calderon                           Toronto Raptors
Victor Claver                             Portland Trail Blazers

United States

LeBron James                           Miami Heat
Kobe Bryant                             Los Angeles Lakers
Tyson Chandler                         New York Knicks
Carmelo Anthony                      New York Knicks
Anthony Davis                          New Orleans Hornets
Kevin Durant                            Oklahoma City Thunder
James Harden                           Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook                    Oklahoma City Thunder
Andre Iguodala                         Philadelphia 76ers
Kevin Love                               Minnesota Timberwolves
Chris Paul                                 Los Angeles Clippers
Deron Williams                         Brooklyn Nets

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