Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lin is a Rocket.

The Jeremy Lin saga in New York is now over. The Knicks decided not to match the three year,  $25.1 million offer made by the Houston Rockets.   The decision by the Knicks of not matching Jeremy Lin's contract is very odd, it doesn't make any sense.  

Lin single handily put the New York Knicks in a position to succeed after the team was left for dead and falling out of the playoff picture pretty fast.  One of the main reasons the Knicks didn't matched Lin's offer was because of the "Poison Pill" the Rockets made to Lin, the contract is set to give Lin 14.9 million during the third and final year of his contract, Knicks weren't so sure Jeremy was worth that, Carmelo Anthony called it "Ridiculous" so that's one player that wasn't too happy with it.

The Knicks traded for Raymond Felton to replace Lin. Felton played for the Knicks 2 seasons ago, but he isn't the same player as back then and also Mike Woodson wasn't the coach. It's unclear how Felton will fit in a Knicks team that still has players that always look for their shot first, Anthony, Stoudemire and JR Smith primarily. 

Jeremty Lin has upside, he still has a chance to be a better player, he loved making his teammates better (Just ask Tyson Chandler) he wasn't scared of taking shots in pressure situations, i don't think Felton will play any better than what he's done in his career so far.

New York is now in a not so good situation at the point guard position, Raymond Felton averaged 11.4 Points per game, but played as horribly as any other PG in the league last year with the Portland Trailblazers, Jason Kidd also had a rough year in Dallas,  avg 6 points and 5 assist and newly acquired Pablo Prigioni has been a solid point guard in Europe for many years, however, he hasn't played a minute of NBA basketball and that takes time to adjust no matter how good you are.

The Knicks made a  big mistake not keeping Jeremy Lin.

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