Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 FIBA Qualifying Tournament Quarterfinal #2 Greece vs Nigeria

1st Quarter

Greece leads 10-2, the game has started really physical. Vassilis Spanoulis has already attempted 4 free throws for Greece.  Olumide Oyedeji has 2 fouls in less than 4 minutes for Nigeria.

After Greece went up by 7, Nigeria made a three and a basket and a foul in their next possession to cut Greece lead down to 1. 

2:59 - Greece has a 17-15 lead, Spanoulis has drawn 4 fouls on the Nigerians, but have missed 4 free throws.  Nigeria is playing tough

End of 1st: Greece 21, Nigeria 21. 

2nd Quarter

7:40 - Spanoulis hits another three, Greece is up by 5. Greece isn't scoring as easily against Nigeria compared to the other teams they play against earlier in the tournament.   

Nigeria has gone 5 minutes without scoring a single point. They've been defending well, but not getting enough scoring.

4:50 - Greece leads 32-25.  Al Farauq Aminu is drawing fouls and getting into the paint.

3:14 - Al Farouq Aminu goes flying in for the huge dunk and Nigeria is only down by 4.

End of 2nd -   Greece 42, Nigeria  30.

Ioannis Bourossis made some huge plays at the end, scoring baskets in the paint and passing the ball exceptionally well, he ended up with 9 first half points  Bourossis  and Spanoulis were responsible for giving Greece a 12 point lead, Spanoulis ended the half with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. 

Aminu had 7 points, 4 rebounds for Nigeria, but also got 3 fouls. Nigeria kept the game close for most of the half, that 5 minute drought they had in the 2nd quarter wasn't much help. 

3rd Quarter

8:19 - Aminu got called for his 4th foul, it was drawn by Bourossis. Nigeria is in big trouble, Aminu hasn't been shooting well, but his energy has been really good. Getting steals, getting into the paint and drawing fouls.

6:50 - Back two back baskets by Spanoulis gives the Greeks a 13  point lead, Spanoulis has 17 points.

3:30 - Nigeria won't lay down, they started guarding even more aggressively, getting to the basket at will, drawing fouls and the lead now 3.

End of 3rd:  Greece 56, Nigeria 50.  

When Spanoulis went to the bench and Nigeria started penetrating to the basket until of shooting for long shots, the game changed completely. Anthony Skinn, Ike Diogu & Alame Aminu were the ones that took it to the paint and got Nigeria back into it.

4th Quarter

8:39 - Al Farauq Aminu beat Bouroussis and got an incredible and one. Nigeria is down 2.

7:17 - Incredible, Nigeria shot 1-16 out of the three point line in the first 3 quarters, but have made 2 in the 4th period already.  Ike Diogu just made one and put Nigeria just 2 points behind.

6:06 - Anthony Skinn hits a tough floater and ties the game at 65. 

3:30 - Spanoulis is doing everything for Greece, he's making it look easy, however, every time he scores, Nigeria responds with baskets from both Aminu brothers.  Greece is up 2.

2:10 - Ike Diogu missed a shot, Aminu followed it with a huge put slam giving Nigeria a 2 point lead with 2  minutes remaining.

1:33 - Aminu though he was fouled when he drove to the basket, Greece got the ball in the fast break to Spanoulis, he was fouled by Al Farauq Aminu. Aminu has fouled out.  Nigeria is up 1 after Spanoulis hit 1 out of 2.

1:10 -   Daganduru made a two point shot and  Gave Nigeria a 3 point lead.

44 seconds - Bourossis hits a layup, Nigeria missed a rush shot, Bourossis got fouled and made two free throws. Greece is now up 1.  76-75

19 seconds - Dagunduro made a huge three giving Nigeria a two point lead.

14 secs -  Papanikolau responded and made a three of his own. No hesitation. Greece is up 1.

3 secs - Dagunduro went to the basket and got fouled. He's going to the free throw line with Nigeria down 1.   Dagunduro made both free throws, giving Nigeria a 1 point lead.

With 2 seconds remaining Vassilis Spanoulis took a shot to win the game, but was blocked by Alade Aminu and Nigeria won the game.

Final Score:  Nigeria 80, Greece 79. 

Incredible upset by the Nigerians, no one thought they had a chance of winning against Greece, no one.  

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