Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 FIBA Qualifying Tournament Quarterfinal #1 Russia vs Angola

1st Quarter

7:27 -  Russia leads 8-3, every basket Russia has scored has being in the paint, they also hit 2-2 from the line.  Sasha Kaun, Alexis Shved, Andrei Kirilenko have 2 points each, Olimpio Cipriano made Angola's first and only basket.

5:40 - Russia still in front 12-9, Andrei Kirilenko has 5 points for Russia.

3:50 Carlos Morais hits another shot and gives Angola the lead, 17-15.

1:13 - Russia takes the lead 23-19. Sasha Kaun has 8 points, Kirilenko has 7.

End of 1st:  Russia 25. Angola 21. 

Kirilenko and Kaun have 15 points between them, attacking the basket and doing all the damage in the paint. Carlos Morais leads Angola with 10 points.

2nd Quarter

7:09 - Russia started heating up,  Antonov made a three and they now lead by 7.  30-23. Angola has draw more fouls in the 2nd quarter, however, they have missed 4 free throws in the quarter already.

3:46 - Morais hits another three for Angola and that breaks a 5 minute scoring drought for them, Russia still leads 32-26.

1:05 - Russia leads 41-26.  The Russians are current;y on a 9-0 run, Sasha Kaun has bee unstoppable

End of 2nd:  Russia 43, Angola 26. Russia ended the quarter on a 11-0 run.

Sasha Kaun  14 points
Andrei Kirilenko 9 points

Carlos Morais 13 points.

3rd Quarter

8:18 - Angola started the quarter with a 5-0 run.

6:49 - Russia leads by 17.   48-31 

5:47 - Angola keep missing free throws, they are 4-12, shooting 33%.

4:15 - Kirilenko steals the ball, passes to Khryapa and he dunks it. Russia has this, they lead by 23. 

End of 3rd:  Russia 60, Angola 42. 

Sasha Kaun (17 pts) Andrei Kirilenko (14) for Russia, Carlos Morais (14) and Eduardo Mingas (14 pts) for Angola. 

4th Quarter

7:20 - Russia is up by 20. 64-44 

5:42 - Russia leads 69-46  Angola has shot terribly from the field and even worse from the free throw line, they can't get anything to fall. Russia isn't leading up despite the big lead.  

1:40 -   Russia leads Angola 80-60

0:00 - End of 4th Quarter  Russia 80 - Angola 65

Andrei Kirilenko had 14 points and 5 rebounds, Sasha Kaun 17, Vitaliy Fridzon 18, they were just too much for Angola to handle.  Eduardo Mingas had 20 for Angola.  Angola is now eliminated from the tournament and Russia will face the winner of Greece - Nigeria.

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