Friday, July 13, 2012

Brasil is set for London.

Marcelo Huertas

After beating Spain's team B and Argentina (without Manu Ginobili and Carlos Delfino) in the Eletrobras Super four tournament played in their hometown, Ruben Magnano, coach of the Brazilian national team named the 12 players that will officially represent Brazil in the London Olympics. The point guard positio duties will be divided between Marcelo Huertas, Larry Taylor  and Raulzinho Leandro Barbosa, Alex Garcia will spent most of their time as shooting guards. Veterans Marcelo Machado, Guillherme Giovannoni. and Marquinhos will be the small forwards.  Nene, Anderson Varejao, Tiago Splitter and Caio Torres are going to be alternating in the power forward and center positions.

Marquinhos (Left) Coach Magnano with Larry Taylor.

 Many are underestimating the Brazilians, they are one of the deepest teams in the Olympics, they have the perfect mix of veterans and younger players, they have a point guard that has been through every tough situation, a lot of shooters, post players and guys willing to do the dirty job.  Brazil also can play many different styles of basketball, they can play faster with Leandro Barbosa, Marcelo Huertas or they can play methodically dumping the ball to Nene and Tiago Splitter.

L to R:  Splitter, Giovannoni, Varejao, Garcia and Machado.
Brazil classified in the Olympics by coming in second in the FIBA Americas Championships last year despite not having players such as  Nene, Leandro Barbosa & Anderson Varejao. Brasil almost won the whole thing, but Argentina was able to defeat them. These are the first Olympics for Brasil since the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. This group is eager to get a medal, and coach Magnano wants to prove he can also win a gold medial with the Brazilians, he won a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics when he was coaching Argentina.


There are three exhibition games left for Brazil before the London Olympics, they will meet the United States on July 16, then five days later, they will  move on to play France and Australia on consecutive days.


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