Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome to JohnnyHoops

My name is John, but everyone on the web calls me Johnny. I'm a huge NBA addict (started watching in 96, that doesn't mean i don't know about the history of the game).  I collect Basketball newspapers, magazines, books & everything else you might think of.  All my cousins think I'm a weirdo because i prefer to stay home and watch a double overtime game than going out with them.

JohnnyHoops is a blog fully dedicated to the National Basketball Association.  I'm going to discuss all the recent news and stories happening in the NBA.  My favorite team is The Los Angeles Lakers, that means i will talk more about them than any other team, that's the only team i support no matter what. Other teams i really like and give my support to are: The Chicago Bulls & The New York Knicks.  I wouldn't mind seeing The Memphis Grizzlies win it all  or The Spurs big 3 get another ring.

I'm always thinking, talking or dreaming about the NBA.  If you want to get in touch with me (Don't be shy), feel free to follow me on Twitter , Email  me or like us on Facebook. 

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