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Celtic season in review + playoff talk Kim Sherayko

Kim Sherayko is a college student, she loves watching the Celtics play and listening to country music. Oh, she also cheered for 12 years.  Don't talk to bad about Rajon while she's around.

 Do you follow the league in general or just Celtics
Follow the league with a main focus on the Celtics.  Also keep taps on the Wolves, but not so much after Ricky went down.

How did you started liking basketball and specially Celtics?
Grew up in Philly so I was a huge Allen Iverson and Sixers fan.  My brother has always been a Celtics fan so after Iverson left the 76ers, started to follow the Celtics. 

Why does Celtic fans hate The Lakers so much? 
Probably because of all the history and those are the 2 most storied franchises in the NBA.

How dedicated are you to the Celtics? Do you collect celtics stuff? 
I stream every game online and contribute to Celtics 24/7. 

Who’s your favorite Celtic of all time?  why?
 Since I have followed the Celtics my whole life, I really don't know much about the history.  But now, my favorite Celtic gotta be Rondo because of his uniqueness. 

What is one of your favorite Celtic memories of all time?
The big 3 coming together and winning a championship in their first year together.  And the 2010 playoff run when people counted them out.

How would you grade Doc Rivers and his staff?   
I think  Doc should be right up there with Coach of the Year nominations.  From all the injuries and season ending injuries to the marvelous record following the All-Star break when everyone said they were too old.  He knows how to get the most out of his players.

Was Jermaine O'Neal's injury a blessing in disguise? 
Yes because it allowed KG to move into the 5 position and Bass into the starting line-up to add more offense

Last season Celtic fans were calling Avery Bradley "The worse PG they had ever seen" and some of those fans even wanted him cut. How surprised have you been with his performance this year? I personally think his  potencial is unlimited and his defense is already one of the best for guards. 
Well I think his move out of the PG position has helped.  He can focus on his game and not about everyone else on the court, kinda like simplifying it on the floor for him and it has worked.  Props to Doc for Bradley's emergence.

Who'd you think is the most overrated and underrated Celtic? 
I don't know if you would say anyone is overrated.  Underrated has gotta be Stiemsma who know one has expected anything from and has developed into a key play-off contributor.  Another gem find from Danny A.

Has this season felt like a crazy roller coaster?  Celtic started the season 15-17 (looking old)  before the ASG and now they are 10 games over .500
 Yes it has.  2nd half is way better than the 1st half

Which was the best moment of the season?
 Taking 3 out of 4 from the Heat.  Beating them with offense one game and then defense.

The back to back losses to the Detroit Pistons 

What do you say to those people that call Rajon overrated due to his lack of jumpshot and free throws? 

I ignore them.  They don't deserve my attention because people complain about how Westbrook isn't a pointgaurd because he shoots to much, yet Rondo "sucks" because he can't shoot.  Point of a pointgaurd is to get others involved.  Rondo takes over when he needs to.

Can the Celtic beat  Hawks  in the first round?  Predict the outcome 
Yes Celtics can beat the Hawks. 

If Boston  doesn't win the title, who do you think will win it all?
The western conference team that makes it or the Bulls

Why are you so obsessed with the tv shows One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars? 

They are good and relateable.  And the guys are easy on the eyes

Kim writes for @ChanticleerNews, @Celtics_247, and @AerysSports , follow her on twitter @KimSherayko

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