Friday, April 27, 2012

Mavs season in review + playoff talk with Staci Swiney.

Staci is a Mavs fan, she currently lives in Texas and she loves playing xbox & watching movies. she usually goes straight to the point. 

How did you started liking basketball in the first place?

My mom was always a big fan.

Do you follow the league in general or just Mavs?

I follow the league but only support mavs.

How dedicated are you to the Mavs ? Do you collect Mavs stuff?

 Yes cards.xmas ornaments.hats trashcan wallet.bobble heads posters magazines newspapers

Who’s your favorite mavs of all time? why?

 Dirk. I think its obvious lol

You were one of the few Lamar Odom supporters, you defended him multiple times. How do you feel now after everything that happened and how he left (wearing a laker shirt)

I feel like he kinda got the shaft a little. I think media and pressure was too much. Everyday they were all over him. I think if he'd been left alone, he might have preformed better.

Who's the most underrated and overrated Mav?

I think JJ was most underrated Mavs. He was a big part of our championship. overrated brad Davis.

One of the most hated Mavs player is the artist formerly known as "Half
man, half amazing"  do you think he deserves all the criticism?

Idk before this year I would have said yes but now not so sure.

Who's your favorite player on the Mavs right now? Who's getting on your nerves?

fave Dirk, all day every day. On my nerves, JET, needs to realize he is a role player and not the superstar. Shut his mouth and play!

Are you satisfied with the new players the Mavs got this season?

Yes and no..delonte yes, Wright yes..YI, that's a joke. Carter, jury still out on that one.

Happy with Dallas new bench or still regretting letting go of Chandler, Barea and others?

Hate losing JJ and Stevenson!!

How would you grade Coach Carlisle  and his coaching staff?

A- dude is doing what he can.

Which was the best moment of the MAVS season?

This year. Dirk commentating.."shut it down.Let's go home"

What about the worse?

The Lamar drama.

I said many times the Mavs are still capable of winning it all due to their championship experience.. Was there any  part of the year when you thought: "Screw this, we aren't winning it this year"

Every other game lol.

How do you feel about  Dallas facing OKC In the first round? Any predictions?  

Mavs in 6,.Durant gonna get his, shut down harden and westbrook. OKC good at spreading defense. gotta find a balance .Mavs must be aggressive

Let’s say  Mavs fails  to win it all, who’d you think its going to hold
that trophy by the end of June?

San Antonio (nooooo)

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