Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Recap: April 20, 2012

Spurs 121, Lakers 97.

From the opening tip we knew this was going to be a long night  for The Los Angeles Lakers, even though the game was close for most of the first half, we saw some concerning signs that were never fixed.

Tim Duncan had 12 points along with 6 rebounds in the 1st quarter, the lakers were leaving him wide open and Timmy made them pay. Tony Parker was going to the rim at will and there wasn't anything the Lakers could do.  Andrew Bynum was visibly frustrated with his teammates, he, most of the times when to defend Parker and his teammates didn't rotate causing Duncan to be wide open.  Kobe Bryant made his return, had a quiet first half and scored most of his points during the third quarter.

San Antonio won the 3rd quarter 35-21 and the rest was history.

Thunder 103, Kings 92. 

Kevin Durant  scored 29 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists to lead the Thunder to a 103-92 victory.  With this win, the Thunder, keep track on grabbing the first overall seed in the west.  They need the Spurs to lose at least twice if they want to be #1.

Mavericks 104, Warriors 94.

Brandan Wright had 17 points in  only17 minutes,  VC scored 19 and The Mavs won again.  The Mavs need to do the same today against Chicago to keep the sixth spot and avoid OKC or San Antonio in the first round.

Cavaliers 98, Knicks 90 

 "There's no reason to panic right now," Stoudemire said. "We feel like we can do some damage in the postseason."

I should panic if I'm a Knick fan (Yes, i am one)  I know this was only Stat's first game back, but expecting him to dominate and score 30 points was as possible as me having prime Megan Fox sitting in this chair with me.  Amare had 15 points  and didn't showed any side effects from any type of injury.  Losing this game was huge for the Knicks, they had a chance on catching Orlando for the 6th seed and facing Granger, and the Pacers.

Grizzlies 85, Bobcats 80.

Gerald Henderson scored a career high 32 points and guess what?  The Bobcats went down again!  Shocker! No, not really.  The Grizzlies outscored the Bobcats 28-15 in the fourth quarter. I can only say four more words.  #Prayforcardboardgerald  

Hawks 97, Celtics 92. 

This was a Celtic loss, but it spoke very badly of the Hawks. How can a team wanting to prove they are contenders could hardly defeat a starting lineup that included  Sasha Pavlovic, Keyon Dooling, Greg Stiemsma, Avery Bradley (Ok, he's a player) & Brandon Bass?  This is exactly why Doc Rivers sat down the big four in a pivotal game, he knows the Hawks are a JOKE. Not convinced?  RYAN HOLLINS played 30 minutes! 

The Hawks should have blown the Celtics out of the gym. No excuses

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