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Matthews To Play On Blazers' Summer League Team

Via Jason Quick/Oregonian

Wesley Matthews plans on playing in the Vegas Summer League, a rarity for a player on a long-term contract.
“I’m playing. I’m playing. Dead serious,’’ Matthews said.

“That’s not a surprise,’’ acting GM Chad Buchanan said. “Wes is striving to get better all the time. I love it.

“He said he wants to play in two or three games, practices ... just be around the team,’’ Matthews' agent Lance Young said

Stephen Curry Interested In Talking Extension With Warriors

Via Rusty Simmons/San Francisco Chronicle


Stephen Curry will be eligible for an extension this summer, but negotiations will be potentially problematic given his inability to stay healthy this season.

“Being an injury year, you have some doubts and concerns when it comes to contract negotiations, especially when it comes to my first go-around at it,” Curry said


Bryant Anticipates Returning From Shin Injury On Friday


Via Kevin Ding/Orange County Register


Kobe Bryant anticipates returning from his shin injury on Friday against the Spurs. Bryant missed his seventh straight game on Wednesday against the Warriors.

Allen Now Less Likely To Re-Sign With Celtics

 Ray Allen has privately felt slighted by the Celtics over the past few weeks.

Allen was nearly traded to Memphis at the deadline and he has played a bench role since returning from injury following the emergence of Avery Bradley.

Allen will be a free agent this off season and his odds of returning to the Celtics have diminished, according to the Boston Globe.

Thoughts:  I don't really like the move of allowing Wesley Matthews to play in the Blazers summer league. Why? Because i see the summer league as a chance for rookies and unsigned players to make a name for themselves and try to get some recognition and a contract somewhere, not guys that have been in the league for 2 or 3 yrs, trying to get in shape or just be productive.

Ray Allen is in a really tough spot with the Celtics, first he thought he was traded to Memphis at the trade deadline, then he comes back from being injured and learns he will be playing off the bench due to the emergence of 2nd year player, Avery Bradley. He'll be a free agent after the season is over and it doesn't seem likely that he'll come back. 

Kobe Bryant is looking to return tomorrow after missing 7 straight games, his return is needed badly. The Lakers have played surprisingly well since he went down, however, The Los Angeles Clippers have won 13 out of their last 15 games and are just 1 game behind the Los Angeles Lakers for the 3rd spot in the Western Conference.

The Warriors shouldn't offer Stephen Curry a contract extension. I would trade him in the off season and start from scratch. He's a good player, but it's often injured with ankle problems. Even with all his pain troubles, i just don't see the Warriors not offering him a contract since they got rid of  Monta Ellis earlier this season.

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